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5 minutes with… Ali Bastian

Celebrity Secrets caught up with the actress for a five-minute chat

Interview by Lynn Carratt

How’s your role in BBC series Doctors going?

‘I love it! It felt very familiar when I started as I’ve been a guest star a couple of times. I also knew some of the cast and crew from other shows. The soap world is quite small, really. I live in West London, and we film Doctors in Birmingham, so I usually stay up there during the week and come home at the weekend.’

Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/alibastianinsta/

You have an Etsy shop selling dog collars. How’s that going?

‘I’ve always done bits and pieces of crafting , and I started by making collars for my dogs, Molly and Mable. Friends then started asking me to make them for their dogs, so I opened up an online shop! It’s a nice soothing thing for me to do.’

Do you follow a strict beauty regime? 

‘I suffer from eczema, and I get it on my face, which can be quite challenging when you work in television. I’ve spent years trying to find products to treat it. I stumbled upon a brand called Cosmedics in a beauty salon – and it’s cleared my eczema up! Now I won’t use anything else.’

And how do you like to keep fit?

‘I find it difficult to get into an exercise routine, but I do love yoga. I’ve practised it for 18 years on and off, and when I have time in my work schedule I go to spinning and dance classes. It’s a bit is a bit intermittent, as I only do it when I have free time. I love to meditate as well.’

Catch Ali as Becky in Doctors, weekdays on BBC One

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