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Cara and Nathan Exclusive Interview

The reality stars on their engagement plans – and when they’re having another baby

By Claire Muffett-Reece

Nathan, you rented out the Love Island villa to propose to Cara! What was that like?

Nathan: ‘It couldn’t have gone any better! It actually took a fair amount of planning, which started by me asking her parents’ permission six months before I popped the question.’

Tell us about the ring…

Nathan: ‘I went to Tresor Paris and sat down with the owner, making the ring from scratch. Honestly, the first time I saw the finished piece I was gob-smacked – it was beautiful and I knew Cara would love it.’

Cara: ‘It is absolutely stunning! Nathan did very well, it’s my favourite cut and everything!’

Cara, have you found your dress yet?

Cara: ‘Yes, I have my dress and it’s amazing. I don’t think it’s going to be anything that Nathan expects me to wear, either. I’m sorry I can’t say anymore but I obviously can’t spoil the surprise!’

Has planning the wedding put any strains on you as a couple?

Cara: ‘The guest list has caused us to have a few tiffs, I’m not going to lie! It’s so stressful planning a wedding, but thankfully we’ve finally agreed on it and have invited everyone we care about.’

You’ve now both had the Strawberry Lift procedure to get you wedding-ready. Nathan, why did you choose to have it done?

Nathan: ‘Last year I put all over Instagram that I was on ‘operation dad-bod’ for the wedding, and I didn’t want my little double chin to ruin my transformation! Cara obviously had it done first, and I couldn’t believe how brilliant her before and after images were. She joked that I should have it done too – so I did! I noticed a difference after just one treatment, and from then I was hooked.’

How much of a difference do you think it’s made to your look – and why should other blokes have it done?

Nathan: ‘I could see in pictures that I had put weight on around my face and so the main difference for me is feeling more confident in photos – especially when most of my pictures are with the stunning Miss de la Hoyde! It’s nice to feel better about yourself if you can, and Strawberry Lift is one of those things that you wouldn’t think to get done – but then once you do you’re chuffed! I know a lot of men don’t like the idea of having beauty treatments, but Strawberry Lift is just a machine and there’s no needles or surgery involved, plus no after-care. You can get it done before going to the pub and none of your mates would even know!’

Moving on to plans after the wedding. Have you got your honeymoon sorted?

Cara: ‘We are going to have a mini moon – just a few nights away while our families look after Fred. Then later in the year I want to have a really big family holiday.’

You posted on Instagram that you hope there will be another addition to the family this time next year. Does that mean you’re hoping for a honeymoon baby?

Cara: ‘There’s no baby on board right now, and we’re not planning to get pregnant before the big day. Having said that, what’s meant to be will be!’

Cara and Nathan are ambassadors for the Strawberry Lift procedure, available nationwide and with treatments starting at £250. Visit strawberry-laser.com for info

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