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Cara and Nathan on Love Island drama and why their series was the best

We caught up with Love Island legends Cara and Nathan to find out what they thought of this year’s line-up and why they think there was less sex than when they were on the show…

How did you feel watching the show after having been on it?
C ‘Watching the show this year was a lot easier than it was last year when we were not together. This year it was a lot more fun and we got proper involved and into it!’

How was this year’s show different to when you were on it?
C ‘This year’s show was completely different – people were saying it was more boring! Shows like this will always be different year to year.’
N ‘I think this year the couples jumped ship way more, they weren’t as solid as previous years.’

There has been a lot less sex in this year’s Love Island than when you were in the villa. Why do you think that is?
C ‘I just think because Love Island isn’t about that. It shows the power of peoples relationships that they don’t have to show all that. They viewers are younger this year and I think ITV have taken that on board, which is a good thing!’
N ‘Yeah, I think it makes it more family-friendly and less awkward to watch with your parents.’

A lot of viewers felt the islanders weren’t truly in the villa for love this year. What do you think?
C ‘I’d love to think that some of them are, I think Jack and Dani are and Kaz and Josh are! Sometimes its hard to know what’s genuine. You’ll always have people in there for different reasons.’
N ‘Yeah I think that the couples that are together now are all genuine!’

Whose team were you on in the Ellie vs Georgia debate?
C ‘We were on Ellie’s side obviously as we had seen the video!’
N ‘Team Ellie, plus I met her the other day and she was really nice.’

Megan received a lot of criticism for her actions on the villa. What did you think about her when you watched the show?
N ‘I thought she was just having a bit of fun, she’s young and everyone needs to stop being so serious!’

Which couples will work on the outside?
C ‘Our favourite couple were Kaz and Josh as we’re friends with Josh. But we love Jack and Dani and would love to go to dinner with them. We would have a right laugh!’

A lot of viewers compare you to Dani and Jack. How do you feel about that?
C ‘Its nice that people have compared us, but there’s only one Cara and Nathan, just like there’s only one Jack and Dani! But we wish them every success and happiness!’

Have you met any of the islanders yet?
C ‘I’ve met Kendall, she’s really nice! Josh spoke to Nathan the other day and thanked him for his support. But otherwise not really – I’m looking forward to meeting them all though!’
N ‘Yeah, I knew josh when I went in!’

How would you rank the Love Island series, from best to worst?
C ‘I would rank series two first because we kicked it off. Then series three, great characters in that one; series one is the original, you can’t not love it! Series four is fourth, unfortunately. I can’t wait until next year’s series already!’

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