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Exclusive interview: Dawn Ward

Loved reading our interview with The Real Housewives of Cheshire star in the magazine? There’s more where that came from…

How has marriage changed since you got hitched in the mid 1990s?
‘Not as many people get married as young as we did any more. I had an extraordinary wedding for something that was so long ago, but I think in general people also put a lot more thought and planning into getting married than they used to. It’s a much bigger occasion for most people nowadays.’

Do you have any wedding planning tips for our readers?
‘Keep the food simple so you cater for everyone. Make sure you get great hair and make-up so you look and feel sensational. But most importantly – make sure you’ve found the right man first!’

What was it about you that made Ashley realise he’d found the one?
‘Ashley’s always seen my big heart. Plus he loves that I’m hard working and that I don’t ever fail under pressure.’

Are you really like what the cameras portray you to be on screen?
‘Yep! I’m exactly the same off the show as I am on it, unfortunately! It doesn’t bother me at all and I love working on the series, as I get to show off my lovely family.’

You admitted to us in the mag that you had 20 bottles of Champagne in your fridge! Are you as ‘celeb’ when it comes to your holidays?
‘I’ve been blessed to have enjoyed time on a super-yacht courtesy of our good friend, John Caudwell. It was a whole different level of holiday and I’m lucky to have experienced it a number of times.’

So who’s the last celeb you phoned for a chat?
‘Stacey [Forsey, her co-star]. I was calling to see if she enjoyed her holiday.’

Finally, please tell Celebrity Secrets one secret about you that your fans wouldn’t know about – until now…
‘I trained as a make-up artist about 150 years ago!’

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