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Gok Wan on wedding dresses and being a DJ

Gok Wan on wedding dresses and being a DJ

By Lauren Naylor

Gok, you’re currently on our screens on Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire. What do you love about the show so much?

‘I love it all! The team I worked with at Ava Rose Hamilton boutique are so full of life, love and personality. They make the whole experience unique for brides. I also love the input we have to make the show so special. A device I wanted to put into the show, partly for the bride to see the ideas in her head, was to sketch out her dress.’

Why was this important to you?

‘If a bride is in her thirties or forties she will have gathered so many ideas and collected many different styles in her head over the years, but the likelihood is she has a dress in mind that just isn’t going to work visually. It’s difficult for the audience to interpret what’s in her head, so the sketching is a vehicle for the viewers, and for me, to take the transcript from someone’s decision and to turn it into an item. I’m trained to do that, so I know what I’m doing. It’s to show that while this may be the vision that’s in her head, it’s not the final dress that she’s going to wear!’

What’s your favourite celebrity wedding dress to date?

‘Meghan Markle’s dress was definitely the most high-profile dress out there. I think Clare Waight Keller, the artistic director of Givenchy, got it spot on; Meghan’s dress was beautiful and elegant, and I love the story behind the veil. It was everything that my taste is – completely simple – and she looked super-comfortable wearing it, too.’

What’s the one rule to follow when choosing your own wedding dress?

‘Make sure it’s comfortable, make sure you feel beautiful, and make sure you’re dressing for yourself – and no one else.’

Let’s talk spring fashion. What should we be investing in?

‘Fashion this season is simple. Contrary to popular belief – which is that everyone thinks I like avant garde – my personal taste is very neat, and I love clean and smart tailoring. I’d go for a crisp white shirt, a pair of cigarette trousers – ideally in a colour – and an oversized blazer. If you stick to these key fashion items, they will be interchangeable and see the season through.’

What else is happening for you work-wise this year?

‘I’m hectic! Hopefully we’ll get another series signed of Say Yes to the Dress, but in a fortnight I’m off to Poland to film their version of it! I’ve also just signed a year’s contract with QVC, which I can’t say too much about, but what is happening in the next few months will be amazing!’

Do you still love to DJ?

‘Yes, and nowadays I do it a lot! I play deep vocal house and mix everything live – and yes, I have performed at weddings! People always say, “I don’t know where you get your energy from,” but if you’re around good people they’re always going to give you energy. I’d rather be tired and see my friends than be jumping around bored.’


Catch Gok on Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire, Fridays at 9pm on TLC.

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