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Izzy Judd reveals the details of the day she married McFly drummer Harry Judd

We grilled the author and musician on her marriage to McFly’s Harry Judd…

You recently celebrated your five-year anniversary. What’s the secret?
‘Communication and a sense of humour! My parents always told me to marry my best friend – and Harry’s definitely that.’

Who says ‘I’m sorry’ first?
‘That’s a tough one. I would say me and Harry would say him.’

What did you love about getting married?
‘I loved every second of planning it, as I’m a bit like Monica from Friends when it comes to organising! Looking back, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have changed a thing.’

Did you follow any typical wedding traditions?
‘Harry’s grandmother gave me something borrowed, which was a beautiful piece of jewellery, which I added to my headpiece. We also learnt an American Smooth for our first dance as Harry won Strictly Come Dancing the Christmas before, so felt we couldn’t just shuffle around the dance floor. It felt magical dancing with Harry. I’m still amazed at what a beautiful dancer he has become!’

Did any celebrities misbehave on the dance floor?
‘We decided to have a silent disco because there was a sound curfew at our venue. I wish I could tell you juicy stories, but the only person to have misbehaved was my brother who ended up dancing in his pants – and that’s another story!’

You got married in December. Did you reflect the season when planning your big day and what did you eat?
‘We didn’t go for traditional Christmas colours, as I love softer shades instead. We did have a winter warming feast, though –parsnip soup and rump of lamb followed by sticky toffee pudding.’

Where’s your wedding dress right now?
‘Stored in a box at home. Maybe Lola would like to try it on one day. We’ve also been invited to a wedding anniversary where it says we can wear our wedding dresses… I’m not sure if it will fit though!’

Finally, do you have any wedding planning tips for our readers?
‘Make sure you do what makes you both happy and try not to worry about pleasing others. It’s your day!’

Izzy’s book, Dare To Dream, is available to buy now

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