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Sam Thompson talks trekking in Borneo for Barnado’s, Harry Potter and chocolate

Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson chats to Celebrity Secrets about his upcoming trek in the jungles of Borneo for Barnado’s charity, a fetish for Pepperami, Harry Potter and trumpet playing…

You’re going to be trekking through Borneo’s jungle throughout May to raise money for Barnardo’s, how are you feeling about it?
‘I’m extremely excited and a little nervous as I’ve never trekked before. But it’s one of the those once in a lifetime experiences that I have to do. I’m really proud to be supporting Barnardo’s as it helps thousands of vulnerable children every year. The thought of the money pouring in for Barnardo’s will keep me going on the trek when it gets tough!’

How’s the training going?
‘What training? Am I meant to train? *laughs nervously*

Do you have a personal reason for fundraising for Barnardo’s?
‘I feel like I’ve been very privileged in life, but know only too well that not everyone has been so lucky and I really want to give something back to these younger kids who may not have had the best start in life.’

We love those copy-cat images you post all dressed up alongside Louise’s posts, where did you first get the idea for it?
‘Celeste Barber. I saw her instagram, loved it and I thought that needs to happen with me.’

How does Louise react to them?
‘She hates it with a passion.’

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Could you tell Celebrity Secrets readers one thing that not many people know about you?
‘I’m a grade 6 trumpet player.’

What’s your favourite…

Chocolate bar?
‘Gotta be a twix but merged with a Pepperami. I eat the Pepperami and smash the twix straight after.’

‘Varies but I’m a big fan of I believe I can fly by R. Kelly’

‘Harry Potter. Easy.’

‘My sister.’

Football. 100%’

Football team? 

Alcoholic drink? 
‘I’m partial to an Aperol Spritz you know.’

To donate to Sam Thompson visit justgiving.com, or to find out more about Barnados visit barnardos.org.uk

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