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The Mummy Diaries star, Billie Shepherd talks to Celebrity Secrets about her spectacular Maldives wedding week

The Mummy Diaries star talks to Celebrity Secrets about her spectacular Maldives wedding week

By Claire Muffett-Reece

Were you worried about anything going wrong on your wedding day?

‘The only thing that worried me slightly was the weather, as it was the one thing that was out of our control. When I woke up on the morning of the wedding and saw glorious sunshine I was so relieved.’

What would you say was the easiest to organise?

‘I’d say picking the theme. I’d always had quite a specific idea of how I wanted our wedding to look, and spent months scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest. I saved any ideas I liked, so I knew the colour scheme and decorations I wanted pretty early on.’

How involved was Greg?

‘He was actually really involved throughout the whole process! He loves planning and organising things for us and for our family, whether it’s a holiday, event or a party. He loved helping out with getting everything organised. His main responsibility was the entertainment, and he did do a really good job sorting that out.’

So what entertainment did Greg lay on for your guests?

‘We had a saxophonist, bongo drummers, a traditional Maldivian band and singers. We were singing and dancing all night long.’

Looking back is there anything the pair of you would change about your wedding?

‘Absolutely nothing – it was the most perfect day for us. We had the best time in our favourite place on earth, with all of our loved ones. We will cherish the memories forever.’

So did you and Greg get the wedding blues when you came back to the UK?

‘To be honest, we didn’t have the wedding blues immediately when we got back, as we had a trip to Dubai booked for the Easter holidays. It was a clever idea, as we knew we would need something to look forward to. Since getting back we are slightly sad it’s all over, but we’ve thrown ourselves back into work and planning our future together, and are just enjoying married life.’

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