Win UVC LED light products to keep your home germ-free Worth £255!

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Closing Date: Tuesday 15th of September 2020

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Finding new ways of living and working safely is now a priority for us all. The addition of UVC LED light products into the home makes everyday household items germ-free.

UVC light deactivates bacteria, viruses and protozoa at the DNA level and renders them harmless. INUI LED Lighting Specialists supply a range of UVC Light products for both home and travel requirements.

The UVC Mobile Multi Box is perfect for sanitising mobile phones, baby toys and face-coverings. 

The UVC Wand is great for sanitising larger areas such as desks, clothing or vehicle interiors.

Both products greatly reduce the risk of cross-contamination from items between work or school and the home. All INUI UVC products have robust safety features. They come with test certification and full instructions.

Contact the team on 01509 266355. See the full UVC product range at or follow on Instagram at @inui_ltd

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