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Fine wine and rare whisky offer a fresh addition to any investment portfolio – as they are less likely to lose value during market turbulence. This has been highlighted most recently by The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, which published the 2022 edition of the property firm’s Wealth Report. It found that fine wine and rare whisky were among the most rewarding among luxury investments in 2021.

Robert Whipple, director of sales at London Barrelhouse, says: “With stable and solid performance of both wine and whisky we are seeing investors flocking to us, seeking to diversify their wealth and move away from the more traditional asset classes that have tumbled in recent times.”

Whiskies from the finest distilleries in the world have increased in value by a staggering 580% since 2008 and notable expressions have risen over 40% in the previous 12 months alone, including the Macallan Archival Series Folio 1. The distillery has built a global reputation for creating astonishing single malts with many other limited-edition releases values skyrocketing over the last decade – and it is their first releases that command the very highest prices.

Wine and champagne are also shown to be an excellent partner for whisky collectors, with a huge 147% rise in value during the same timeframe.

Peter Charalambous, co-founder of London Barrelhouse, adds: “These assets help investors to diversify, hedge, and do undoubtedly provide a tax-efficient safe haven.”

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