Win a biOrb CUBE 30 aquarium worth over £224!

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Closing Date: Tuesday 24th of August 2021

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Are you looking for the easy way to keep an aquarium of stunning fish? Finally, you can brighten up any space with your very own breath-taking underwater world.

Everyone needs moments solace and peace in their life. Often the eyes first look for a resting place. But not everyone is blessed with views that are easy on the eye nor bring a sense of tranquillity and calm. How about a self-contained piece of nature, a microcosm that fits on any desk? The biOrb CUBE 30 aquarium is stylish by design, and wherever you choose to place it, it’s high quality and easy to clean. Enjoy a whole world at a glance. 

The biOrb has everything you need to succeed and makes it effortless for you to elevate a room. Just sit back and enjoy.

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This competition has now closed, no more entries.

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