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Financial markets have been booming since the Covid crash in March 2020 and equity markets and cryptocurrencies in particular have exploded into life as retail traders around the world have swarmed into the market. Traders rely on volatility to generate profits, but it’s vital to be able to manage your risk and analyse price trends accurately in order to maximise returns.

At the London Academy of Trading (LAT), they teach fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading psychology and risk management to enable delegates to create structured and robust trading strategies.This trading approach removes much of the emotional interference inherent in the trading process, so you’re able to generate consistent profits without undue stress.

LAT’s aim is to provide everyone with the financial knowledge and trading skills to be able to trade the markets with confidence, whether you’re trading equities, currencies, commodities or crypto.

Find out more at today. You can contact 020 3435 4629 or

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