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Percuro provide a revolutionary, sustainable alternative to traditional dog food. Made with clean insect protein, Percuro dog food is packed full of everything your dog needs, without hurting the planet. Dogs and cats eat 20% of meat and fish globally*, and traditional dog food manufacturing relies on the livestock industry, which generates 18% of all global emissions*. How household pets are being fed is a serious and growing problem.

Percuro are different. They use sustainable alternative protein from the amazing Hermetia illucens larvae, which allows them to minimise their impact on nature while making healthy, tasty dog food. Did you know that producing 1kg of insect protein generates just 1% of the emissions created by traditional livestock farming?* Percuro offer a delicious dog food alternative for eco-conscious pet parents.

Better for your dog, and better for the planet. Percuro use sustainable, natural ingredients in fully recyclable packaging. Their food is 100% insect and plant-based, tastes amazing, and they use only clean proteins, with zero risk of zoonotic disease transmission.**

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or if you want to help Percuro to drive real, sustainable change in the dog food industry, join
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*Source: Research study by Gregory S. Okin, Professor in the Departments of Geography and the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA. **Source: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN)

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