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Do your kids, and you, have trouble with maths? Try Maths Explained video tutorials, from a world-recognised expert. They are currently on offer with a 50% discount.

Math Explained offers video tutorials to help with dyscalculia and mathematical learning difficulties. Each video uses carefully designed visual images, matched to the relevant maths vocabulary and concepts in order to develop and enhance understanding. The structure of the programme and the principles that drive it are based on research from around the world on how people learn, and fail to learn, maths.

Maths Explained is about understanding, not just about telling and memorising. You have to learn what not to do – what can be counter-productive – and what you should do, which can build positive results and improved confidence.

Maths Explained tutorials have been sold in over 30 countries, with lots of positive feedback.

Sarah, and adult learner, said: “I just want to thank you so much for your wonderful videos!!!! Your voice is so kind and not condescending that it’s a pleasure to watch your videos. I wish you had been my teacher 30 years ago. I have already purchased a lot of your videos and I may get all of them. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know!!!!! God bless you Dr. Chinn!!!”

Steve Chinn, founder of Maths Explained was founder and Principal of Mark College, Somerset from 1986 to 2005. During his years of setting up and running Mark College it was awarded Beacon School Status by the UK’s Department of Education, and the first ever Award for Excellence from the Independent Schools’ Association, a National Teacher Training Award and a Sportsmark with distinction.

Steve was a visiting professor at the University of Derby. He has lectured and provided In-service Education and Training and Continuing Professional Development in over 30 countries worldwide, including consultancy for the
Ministry of Education in Singapore and at many major conferences.

He set up the UK’s first PG course for maths and dyslexia, accredited by the British Dyslexia Society for an Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association. The course was delivered for four years under Mark College’s Beacon School funding. Steve was a council member of Dyslexia Action and the Hornsby Dyslexia Institute for many years.

As well as writing several maths books, worksheets and tests, Steve has contributed chapters to many other books. The first edition of his book, The Trouble with Maths won a Times Educational Supplement and National Association for Special Educational Needs award in 2004.

Visit to see sample videos and information about Steve Chinn and his work on dyscalculia and maths LD.

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