Win a biOrb LIFE 30 MCR Aquarium Worth over £239!

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Discover the easier way to own a stunning aquarium. With their chic and minimalist design, a biOrb aquarium makes it effortless for you to elevate any space. Enjoy the priceless gift of nature’s wonder in your home.

Your biOrb won’t just lift your spirits day after day. Anyone who sees it will be left open-mouthed with wonder.

No matter which biOrb you choose, there is quite simply nothing else like it. With their minimalist design, every biOrb has bags of style.

And the astonishing clarity of the acrylic is why many describe looking at a biOrb as ‘watching fish in high definition’. Just picture your guests’ reaction each and every time they see yours.

At last! The easier way to own a stunning aquarium. There’s no point having a spectacular aquarium if it’s a time sapping nuisance to maintain.

Here, once again, biOrb’s ‘functional beauty’ comes to the rescue. Allowing you to keep your fish with the minimum of work.

Firstly, everything you need comes in the box. Simply plug it in and switch it on. Like magic, your biOrb aquarium replicates your fishes’ natural environment.

It’s easier for you to care for them too. Because nature does more of the work. Depending on your choice of species, you may only need around 15 minutes of maintenance per month.

Revealed: why it’s easier to care for your biOrb than a normal aquarium.

biOrb owners worry less about delicate chemical balances and grime. Because a biOrb lets nature do more of the
work for you. All you have to do is give it a helping hand.

The big difference is your biOrb’s filtration system. It’s fitted where most of the waste goes – to the bottom of the tank. Any waste particles must pass through a bed of ceramics made from clay fired at 1500°C. Look at them under a microscope and you see they have a honeycomb structure.

Over time this structure is populated with good bacteria that neutralises ammonia and nitrates from the fish.
Tested in Germany – Hannover’s University of Veterinary Medicine tested this system in one of their labs. Over three months they found biOrb tanks performed well in all major categories – including optics, oxygenation, fish behaviour
and filtration.

Why not join over a million people who are experiencing the joy and wonder of these miniature underwater worlds today? Now you can – win a biOrb LIFE 30 MCR Aquarium Worth over £239!

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