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Top innovative Christmas decoration ideas

Editorial Feature

Christmas is the time to welcome family into your home. It’s the time to dress up your house, make it feel cosy, and to find the perfect ornaments to complete your display. Classic seasonal decorations include Christmas trees, stockings over the fireplace, baubles and Christmas lights, but there are many different and creative ways in which to present them. So whether it’s to add to what you’ve got or start afresh for 2023, read on below for a selection of Christmas decoration ideas that is guaranteed to make your home the place that Santa visits first!

2D branched wall tree

Normal, standing Christmas trees are so last century. This year, why not try out a 2D branched wall tree? These are pretty easy to set up, and can be a valuable space saver for those who live in tiny flats.

Photo by Nicole Michalou on Pexels.

There are numerous products like this that can be found online, and they aren’t limited to just branched trees. You could also fashion yourself a DIY wall tree. There are Christmas-card trees, neon-light trees and fully wooden trees.

Floating bauble tree

Who says you need to have a tree at all? Imagine an invisible tree with seemingly floating baubles – that’s the idea of this decoration. Hopefully your ceiling isn’t too high because the baubles will need to hang from it.

Photo by Essyli on Etsy.

What’s cool about this decoration is that it has an elegant essence. For a truly contemporary home, a floating bauble tree can keep your space clean and sophisticated. You can also hang more than just baubles, so the possibilities are endless.

Stack of books tree

For book lovers, this Christmas tree idea is a perfect substitute for a standard tree. All you have to do is raid your office or library for books of various sizes, and stack them up as tall as you like.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.

There are many variations of this idea, but your choice will likely depend on how many books you have. If you want to build a six-foot-tall tree, you might need more than 600 books. Good luck with this decoration!

Mini ornament tree

If you’re not interested in scouring your library for endless books, or spending hours stacking them up for a large tree, consider a mini ornament tree. This decoration idea is super simple and customisable, and you can probably build it from stuff you already have.

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash.

While the tree pictured above is enormous, you can just find a few coloured baubles of similar sizes and some glue, and you’re in business. Build a nice wide base so it stays upright, then stack to your heart’s desire.

Pine cone gnomes

If you don’t have any elf decorations, why not make some gnomes? These mini pine cone gnomes are easy to make and can give any space a little extra of festive cheer. You can also buy some from Etsy or other retailers.

Photo by KittyArtDecor on Etsy.

The beauty of these little decorations comes from their simplicity. All you need is a pine cone, a mini Christmas hat and a small button for a nose. From there, you can add more details if you want. Consider some arms or legs, or perhaps a little beard.

Mini pine cone trees

If you have some spare pine cones left over, here’s another decoration idea. You could set up some mini pine cone trees around your house. This is about as easy as decorating gets.

Photo by Eli Pluma on Unsplash.

Again, you can spruce up your mini pine cones with little lights, or a dusting of ‘snow’. Collecting the pine cones could also be a nice excursion with your family. Find a local park with coniferous trees and collect as many pine cones as you can!

Marshmallow snow man

Building a snow man is a common tradition in snowy countries. As soon as there is enough snow on the ground, people bundle up to create their own little, or big, snowy friends.

Photo by Wouter Supardi Salari on Unsplash.

But in many countries, a real snow man isn’t a viable option, so people have to get creative. Here’s where the marshmallows come in. Marshmallows are cheap and easy to decorate with because they don’t go bad quickly. Stick three of them on top of each other to create a mini snow man.

Wrapped display photos

One simple way to spruce up your home is with ribbons or wrapping paper. While you can’t wrap up your entire home, there are a few things that could look a bit more Christmasy with a ribbon.

Photo by DiEtte Henderson on Unsplash.

This Christmas season, try putting some ribbons on your family photos. It will make your family and friends look like little gifts. If you want to step up the look even further, you could consider wrapping up entire photos with wrapping paper. While this is an interesting look, it doesn’t allow you to see the photos, especially if you’re missing someone during the holiday season.

Smart lights

Smart devices and homes have taken the world by storm. There are now so many ways to integrate new technology into your home – especially if you have a digital assistant or an app to control your home.

Photo by Twinkly.

One of the more fun new app-based technologies is smart lights. While household smart lights help automate your routine, there are other kinds of smart lights that you can control with an app to do a multitude of things. If you put smart lights on your Christmas tree, you can control colours, patterns, and much more. Give it a try and watch your family’s faces light up with joy.

Ice skate wreath

Christmas wreaths are a big part of decorative traditions. Whether you normally display a classic-style wreath, or go for something more contemporary, most homes have a wreath somewhere, usually on the front door.

Photo by Paul Solomon on Unsplash.

If you’re looking for some decoration inspiration, why not try something completely different this year? This ice skate wreath is a fun way to involve some greenery and show off your winter spirit. Hang a pair of skates on your door and embellish them with whatever you want!

Mini jar ‘snowscapes’

Perhaps some of your displays are large and extravagant, and you need some small accents for the other rooms in your home. You have many options, but one of the coolest ones you can create are mini ‘snowscapes’.

Photo by Julia Taubitz on Unsplash.

These miniature worlds are fun to display, but possibly even more fun to create! Fill a jar with some salt and stand up some little trees inside to create your own ‘snowscape’. You can make a day of it with the family. Add real bits of tree if you like, or perhaps a little sleigh ­– there are so many options and each person can customise theirs to their liking.

Whether you prefer to adorn your home with conventional Christmas displays, contemporary and elegant dressings, or are looking for something new, Christmas is a great time to tap into your creative side and put on a real show in your home.

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