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Best Easter activities for families in 2024

Here are some fun family activities to enjoy over the 2024 Easter break.

The Easter bank holiday weekend arrives early this year, with Good Friday falling on 29 March. That’s 10 days earlier than last year. Often, it can be a real struggle to think of creative Easter activities to keep kids entertained while they are out of school.

Here are 10 fun and creative activities families can enjoy over the bank holiday weekend and the rest of Easter break – at home and around the UK.

1. Celebrate all things cute

Photo by Henk Mohabier on Pexels

Easter is the perfect season to celebrate cuteness! However, forget the Easter bunny. Instead, head to the Cute exhibition at Somerset House (running until 14 April) which showcases all things adorable. Explore everything from Hello Kitty contact lenses and Care Bear boots, to the music of Charli XCX and the psychedelic cat-themed artwork of Louis Wain. With its very own arcade and unexpectedly challenging art too, it’s the perfect Easter activity for kids and parents alike.

2. Journey to Ancient Egypt

Step back 4,500 years into the past to Ancient Egypt this Easter (with a little help from a VR headset, that is). In Horizon of Khufu, located in Stratford, London, families can uncover the mysteries of the Great Pyramid of Giza – a site that’s usually closed off to the public. Physically move around and interact with this awe-inspiring monument that was built to the resting place of Pharoah Khufu. Created with help from Professor of Egyptology Peter Der Manuelian and his team at Havard University, it isn’t just a fun activity, it’s a truly authentic experience!

3. Plan a classic Easter activity (with a difference)

Photo by Erin Li on Pexels

Are there any Easter activities better than a good, old-fashioned Easter egg hunt? Setting sugar-crazed kids loose around your home or garden to forage for delicious chocolate ovals is a reliable way to get them excited. But just because an Easter egg hunt is a tried and tested formula, that doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up! Perhaps you could set your little scavengers off with a pirate-themed treasure map. Alternatively, you could create an exciting obstacle course for them to tackle. Or how about attaching puzzle pieces to each egg? The first one to complete their puzzle could win an extra-special prize!

4. Become besties with Bluey

Photo by Ian Kitt, BBC Studios

There’s a good reason why Bluey has captured the hearts of kids (and parents) across the world. The show featuring the titular Aussie dog is sweet, funny and sentimental, without shying away from tough topics. Happily, this Easter (29 March to 14 April) at Kew Gardens, families can meet the loveable Blue Heeler puppy for themselves. There’ll be plenty of fun outdoor activities and games inspired by fan-favourite episodes of the show. There’ll also be lots of chances learn about the plants and wildlife found at Kew, and in Bluey’s native land of Oz!

5. Invite migrating birds into your garden

Photo by Hans Veth on Unsplash

By the time the Easter break rolls around, spring has well and truly sprung. This means many incredible migratory birds have flocked back to the UK to enjoy the warming weather – like cuckoos, swallows, nightjars and more. It’s a great time for families to invite these winged wonders into their gardens. And one way to make your garden more tempting is by creating a simple DIY bird feeder using an old orange. Fill your feeder with seed, step back and fingers-crossed the birds will come flocking. What a tweet!

6. Explore incredible castles

Photo by Maxwell Andrews on Unsplash

Across the country, castles are lowering their portcullises and palaces are swinging open their gates to invite families in for a host of fun Easter activities. Scour the garden’s of Henry VIII’s childhood for Lindt Gold Bunny statues at Hampton Court Palace; enjoy Easter trails, crafts and face-painting at Caerphilly Castle; try your hand at everything from balloon modelling to circus skills workshops and traditional fairground rides at Blenheim Palace; and launch eggs from their roof in the Big Egg Drop at Muncaster Castle – happily, if you can construct a shield to protect your egg, you’ll be treated to an Easter surprise.

7. Marvel at pretty pink cherry blossom

Photo by Barbera Olsen on Pexels

Families don’t have to plan an Easter bank holiday break to Japan to enjoy the Japanese pastime of ‘hanami’ (viewing cherry blossom). There are tons of excellent spots across the UK where you can enjoy the transient beauty of these pretty pink flowers. Head to spots like Cathays Park in Cardiff or The Meadows in Edinburgh. It can be a great excuse to capture a perfect picture of your little ones or to enjoy an idyllic family picnic. Alternatively, bring some finger painting materials. Your kids can recreate the spring blooms with a mini masterpiece worthy of Hokusai. It could proudly feature on your fridge long after the ‘sakura’ (cherry blossom) has made way for summer leaves.   

8. Meet mighty prehistoric lizards

This Easter at Colchester Zoo, step back in time to an era when giant lizards roamed the earth. Head to the newly opened Dinosaur Realm and enjoy their St-EGG-osaurus Easter event (29 March to 14 April). Families will not only be confronted with enormous models of the mighty ancient creatures, but also meet real-life lizards who have survived to the modern day. Additionally, there’ll be plenty of chances to celebrate the holidays with a range of egg-cellent activities.

9. Discover giant Easter eggs and beautiful blooms

Photo by RHS Bridgewater

Visit one of the five RHS Gardens this Easter. Dozens of larger-than-life eggs await discovery on their Giant Egg Hunt. Successful seekers who manage to find all of the hidden eggs will be rewarded with a free chocolatey treat. Little ones can burn off some energy discovering the wonders of nature in these beautiful landscapes that are filled with spring bulbs and beautiful blossom. There are fun activities scheduled at each garden throughout the Easter holidays. They include storytelling sessions, arts and crafts workshops, family-friendly planting and much more.

10. Try Easter activities from around the globe

Photo by Karolina Kolacz on Unsplash.

People around the globe celebrate Easter with a multitude of different activities – from flying kites on the small island of Bermuda to lighting huge bonfires in Germany. Find out more in our list of International Easter traditions to bring your family together.

Whether you’re exploring nature, putting your own twist on classic activities, or looking for a unique experience around the UK, there are plenty of fun activities for families to enjoy this Easter bank holiday.

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