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Delicious Easter eggs to enjoy in 2024

Editorial Feature

Poached, scrambled or sunny side up – there’s one variety of egg that beats every other kind hands down… chocolate! Happily for us, supermarket shelves across the country are choc-full of delicious Easter eggs at this time of year. But with so many incredible eggs to choose from, it can be tough to decide which tasty treat is worth shelling out for. From luxurious eggs that taste like Sicilian desserts to a reasonably priced egg box full of miniature marvels, here is our guide to 2024’s most egg-citing Easter eggs.

Aldi’s Ruby & Raspberry Geometric Easter Egg

This eye-catching Aldi Easter egg trades traditional smooth sides for a more angular design. This gives it the appearance of a precious crystal! The budget supermarket have crafted this elegant egg from fruity Fairtrade ruby chocolate. Coupled with that are dried raspberries, giving it a surprisingly luxurious taste. Looking for budget Easter Egg with a taste that that exceeds its price tag? This geometric, hand-decorated delight could be for you.

Grab this geometric Easter egg in Aldi stores around the UK.

Waitrose’s The Cracking Pistachio Easter Egg

You’ll go nuts for this Easter egg that looks like a giant pistachio. The indulgent outer ‘shell’ is made from blonde chocolate and caramelised sugar. Underneath its surface, however, is where the magic really lies. The egg is ‘cracked’ open to reveal an inviting green, pistachio-flavoured and pistachio-nut-speckled inner layer. Made using Fairtrade cocoa and presented in recyclable packaging, too, this luxurious Easter treat is one to shell-ebrate.

Pick up this giant pistachio Easter egg from Waitrose.

Divine’s Flat Easter Egg

Why have three dimensions when two work just as well? Divine’s delicious range of flat eggs prove that the best things come in less packaging. They have 40% less compared to a boxed egg, in fact. They are also palm-oil free, making them a more eco-friendly choice. But these 2D treats aren’t just good for the soul but the taste buds too; they are available in moreish vegan dark chocolate with raspberry, plus milk chocolate and caramel. They could be the perfect gift to slip through the letterbox of a chocolate lover this Easter.

Find this fabulous flat Easter egg at Oxfam.

Venchi’s Cannolo chocolate Easter Egg

Italian luxury chocolate brand Venchi’s 2024 Easter egg collection is inspired by traditional confectionery from the Piedmont region in the north of the country. The range of Easter eggs is made with natural ingredients. It features milk, dark and salted white chocolate. This is coupled with crunchy nuts or creamy Gianduja filling, plus caramel, raspberry, or pistachio.

Our favourite celebrates one of Italy’s most beloved desserts – the Sicilian Cannolo. It has been transformed into a delicious chocolate egg made with irresistible, orange-scented ricotta cream and gluten-free biscuit crumbs in a dark chocolate shell. Bellissimo!

Find out about this indulgent Italian-inspired Easter egg at

Ombar’s Oat M’lk Chocolate Easter Egg

Good news for those with a caring heart and a sweet tooth! Ombar have crafted a creamy-tasting, ‘planet-saving’ Easter egg using oat milk. Made from organic and gluten-free British-grown oats, it’s completely dairy free. What’s more, it uses 40% less sugar than ‘regular’ milk chocolate and produces less than half the carbon emissions.

In addition, for each and every Easter egg sold, Ombar donate 5p towards reforestation projects in Ecuador, where they sustainably source their precious cacao. With a tantalising, velvety-smooth taste, and an ethos that puts sustainability at its core, this oat milk alternative truly is an all-round ‘good egg’.

Visit Planet Organic to try this ethical Easter egg for yourself.

Tony’s Chocolonely Easter Chocolate Egg Box

What’s better than one Easter egg? A dozen of them, of course! This Easter, Dutch confectionary company Tony’s Chocolonely have created a carton of 12 diddy chocolate eggs, divided into 10 flavours. Inside, you’ll find egg-stra special varieties like dark almond sea salt, white raspberry popping candy, milk almond honey nougat, and many more.

The flavours are unequally divided to illustrate inequality in the chocolate industry, and buying a box helps towards Tony’s Chocolonely mission to end slavery in the chocolate industry too. Brilliant!

Buy this egg-citing Easter egg box from Oxfam.

Moo Free’s Rocky Road Easter Egg

Moo Free’s egg-stravagent new Rocky Road Easter egg combines delectable dairy-free milk chocolate with a scrumptious splat of white chocolate. It’s also loaded with crunchy Moofreesas biscuit rice balls, juicy raisins, vegan marshmallows and cinder toffee pieces. Plus, with a beautifully illustrated box, featuring a menagerie of adorable animals, it makes a perfect Easter gift for everyone in the family – young or old.

The good news is that Moo Free care massively about protecting our planet’s real-life animals. That means all of their award-winning chocolate is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. And all of their packaging uses 100% recycled plastic too!

Visit to get your hands of this delicious dairy-dodging Easter egg.

Daylesford Organic’s Hive Showstopper Easter egg

This hefty honeybee-themed Easter egg weighs a whopping 1kg. This over-the-top egg is shaped like a huge hive that’s worthy of Winnie the Pooh himself. Bees are essential to live on our planet. To celebrate this Easter feast comes decorated in edible, handmade versions of the cute pollinators. Made from delicious milk chocolate, this limited edition egg truly lives up to its ‘showstopper’ billing.

Buzz over to to pick up this un-bee-lievable Easter egg.

Marks & Spencer Chocosaurus Rex Easter egg

How can you improve upon the classic shape of an Easter egg? Design one that looks like the head of a ferocious T-rex, that’s how! This terrifyingly tasty treat from Marks & Spencer is cast in delicious milk chocolate. It also has with glaring white chocolate eyes! Indeed, this roar-some egg is the perfect prehistoric snack for dino-enthusiasts of all ages. Jurassic fantastic!

Drop by Ocado to indulge in this dino delight.

There are many excellent Easter eggs to choose from in 2024. They cater to all kinds of tastes, diets or budgets. So, whether you are after something egg-travagant, ethical or un-eggs-pected, you’re sure to find the perfect chocolate egg to make this Easter one to remember!

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