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Best air fryer recipes you need to try today

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Air fryers get a lot of hype. Some may say that they’re just glorified toaster ovens, but they seem to fit a different niche. Besides, everyone enjoys a little bit of crunch in their fried food, and air fryers allow people to reduce the amount of oil they use.

To celebrate their functionality, here are some amazing air fryer recipes that are sure to bring smiles to your dining table. Keep in mind that all air fryers are different, so some recipes may need to be slightly altered to work properly.

Air fryer mini banana pancake dippers

Pancakes are almost always a crowd pleaser for the whole family. While they probably aren’t the healthiest breakfast option, they are a nice treat every once in a while. What’s great about pancakes is that you can top them with anything you want.

This banana pancake recipe opts for a ‘stuffed pancake dipper’, which can be dipped in melted chocolate, Nutella or maple syrup. To make the recipe easier, you can use a pre-made pancake mix instead of making batter from scratch. Just make sure to mix yours to a thicker consistency than normal pancake batter.

Air fryer personal pizzas

If you’re in a pinch and need a definite crowd pleaser, you can’t go wrong with pizza. What’s great about this recipe is that it makes perfect, personal-sized pizzas. That means that every member of your family can top their pizza to their own liking.

Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash.

While assembling your pizza in the air fryer can be a bit tricky, the reward of crispy dough and oozing cheese is incomparable to oven-baked pizza, which can be finnicky, unless you have a dedicated pizza oven. Just make sure to cook the dough on its own in the air fryer first, and you’ll be amazed by the final result.

Air fryer pork belly bites

Pork belly is one of the most delicious pieces of meat you can get your hands on. It’s made from the same part of the pig as bacon, but it’s thicker. It’s best served as crispy as you can get it, so air fryers are naturally one of the best ways to cook it. Also, because pork belly has so much natural fat, you arguably don’t have to use any oil.

While this pork belly bite recipe includes oil, I’ve seen other recipes that omit oil. With the calorie savings from less oil, you can afford to make yourself a sauce for the bites once they’re done. There are many sauces that would complement pork belly, but a few of the best options would be chipotle sauce, ponzu sauce and honey garlic sauce.

Air fryer tahini black bean fritters

Swinging the pendulum back over to the healthy side, why not try some vegan fritters that are packed with protein and veggie goodness? Not only are they healthy, they’re also delicious, with flavours like miso, garlic, tahini and white wine vinegar.

What’s great about these tahini black bean fritters is that they can be served in a bun like a burger, in a pita, or on their own with sauce drizzled overtop. Have these for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and enjoy the healthy invigoration.

Air fryer steak and chips

Getting your steak cooked just the way you like it every time can be a bit tricky, especially for less confident cooks. Air fryers can help you take the guesswork out of cooking steak. This recipe can help you with a good starting point, and with the rest of the steps along the way. Once you figure out which temperature and time works best for your air fryer, you can simply use the same setting every time.

Photo by Tim Toomey on Unsplash.

If you have a dual-tray air fryer, you can also fry some chips to go with your steak. This recipe can take around 35 minutes. Start before you cook your steak, perhaps while your steak is warming up to room temperature. Just remember to check and shake the chips regularly to ensure that all of them get nice and crispy.

Air fryer potato kievs

While many people have tried chicken kievs before, don’t underestimate potato kievs. They pack delicate, buttery, and cheesy goodness into every bite, and your family will love you for it. However, because they’re packed with butter and cheese, you probably shouldn’t have them every night – though you will want to.

While this recipe calls for garlic butter as the stuffing, there are endless combinations you could try. One enticing option is stuffing your kiev with basil pesto.

Air fryer salmon

Salmon is packed with, protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty fish, like salmon, are part of a balanced diet. But many people prefer the taste of chicken or red meat to salmon, so sadly most people don’t get enough of the nutrients that salmon provides.

However, this maple soy salmon recipe is here to change your mind about salmon. Get ready for a taste-bud adventure, and enjoy it in under 10 minutes of cooking time. With just four ingredients, it’s hard to imagine a meal that’s easier and healthier. You can also use any excess maple soy glaze as a sauce to cook your side vegetables in.

Air fryer beef and broccoli

Who said Chinese takeaway needs to come from a Chinese restaurant? With this recipe, you can emulate the perfect beef and broccoli in the comfort of your own home. The sauce is really the star of the show. Make sure you get all of the ingredients and follow the instructions carefully.

Photo by Jezebel Rose on Unsplash.

This recipe uses an air fryer, a pot (or instant pot), and a pan, so there is a bit of washing up to do afterwards. But don’t let the ingredient list or washing up stop you – this meal will be a hit with your family.

Air fryer doughnuts

After eating all of those amazing air fryer meals, you might be craving some dessert. But instead of reaching for store-bought sweets, you could try out this air fryer doughnut recipe!

What’s great about homemade doughnuts is that you know exactly what is in them. This means you can adjust the sweetness level to your liking. You can top your doughnuts with whatever you like, but this recipe uses a vanilla glaze – a certified classic.

The possibilities with air fryers are endless, and with these recipes, you can treat your friends and family to a number of flavourful feasts.

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