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Closing Date: Thursday 27th of October 2022

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Did you know that drug store wet shave razors can account for up to 7,000,000 pounds of residual waste in the UK alone, every year*? This is the weight equivalent of the New York statue of liberty – times 13. Isn’t that nutty? And so unnecessary.

But switching to a stiff, safety razor for your everyday shave and giving away all comfort? Doesn’t sound so appealing, does it?

This is why the German mechanical engineer Armin designed SHAVENT, a wet shave razor that combines the best of both worlds. SHAVENT takes the full shaving comfort of a drug store razor and combines it with the benefits of Armin’s grandfather’s classic safety razoar. This results in premium quality, durable metal, no plastic or rubber, economic standard razor blades – all merged with a flexible, contour adaptive razor head and three blades to guarantee a uniquely gentle shave for face and body, even for sensitive skin.

Upgrade your shave today, treat your skin and the environment. Get your SHAVENT
at and use code CHECKLIST22 for a 5% special discount on your new gentle shave.

Visit to find out more.

*. Figures based on SHAVLENT calculations.

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