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Supercharge your health and well-being in 2022 with Cannabotech’s My Being programme subscription.

Cannabotech is a biomedical company focused on the as-yet-untapped benefits of CDB and medicinal mushrooms, applying the pure power of science to today’s most pressing health issues. They are at the forefront of the next generation of preventive care by fusing traditional knowledge with modern science.

Cannabotech’s products are based on the unique M2CBD formula, creating a supercharged, integrative effect on your health-being. The powerful combination of pharmaceutical-grade, isolated CBD and a unique blend of functional mushrooms simultaneously targets both your immune and your endocannabinoid systems, creating a supercharged effect on your health-being.

Cannabotech’s My Being program is a 6-month journey to strengthen your body and supercharge your health-being. They believe that the My Being program is the new, modern standard for preventative care. Four individuals will receive the My Being program.

The program includes:

My-Being triple system: Founded on three products designed to solve the key health challenges of modern life.

DNA screening: conducted by one of the world’s leading DNA laboratories. This enables Cannabotech to personalize the program for the solutions your body needs. The DNA test will offer insights into the functioning of your immune system, your endocannabinoid system, your metabolism, how you respond to fitness and movement, any mineral and vitamin sensitivities, and how your body reacts to certain drugs. 

The My-Being app: This enables you to track your progress during your journey based on a range of health parameters, and further personalize your program over the months. Crucially, it’s designed to help you stay active, remain motivated, and not give up on the process midway.

Monthly 1:1 session with a healthcare professional: They will accompany you throughout the whole process, offering human insights into your progress, giving extra support, and helping you make the most of your My-Being journey.

M²CBD-based personalized kit: Every month, you’ll receive a set of products, based on our unique M²CBD formula – a powerful combination of functional mushrooms (to strengthen your immune system) and pharmaceutical-grade, isolated CBD (to target your endocannabinoid system). Each product aims to support a specific area, from mood to sleep to skin health, to help keep you on track.

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