Win one of ten 100% regenerated, recycled Ocean plastic British Racing Green premier Muggi drinks carrier, Worth £14.95 each!

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Closing Date: Monday 4th of October 2021

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Muggi, the colourful drinks tray is developing a cult following; from professional sailors to wild campers, campervan explorers to gardeners, people from all walks of life are putting a muggi to good use.

Muggi production has recently converted to 100% recycled post-consumer plastic – including regenerated marine plastic waste – and each is still guaranteed for 88 years, making them the ultimate eco-friendly ‘life hack’.

David explains: “We’ve been rapidly incorporating recycled plastic into our production systems – keeping pace with advances in technology – and are very proud to be ‘soaking-up’ some of your waste kerb-side plastic.”

He added: “I’m particularly proud that we can reuse ghost fishing nets recovered off the Cornish coast. Muggi was inspired by a journey on the ocean and one of our founding principles is to drive positive environmental and social change.”

The design was originally conceived on a sailing trip from France to Cornwall, when avid inventor David set out to solve the problem of safely holding and carrying drinks in the challenging environment; his invention would go on to be embraced by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide for its lightness, durability and practicality.

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