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Apprentice star Dr Leah Totton reveals why her clinic is so busy at Christmas

Since winning The Apprentice back in 2013, Dr Leah Totton has been successfully running her cosmetic clinic, the Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinic. Her busy schedule goes into overdrive at this time of year, but she tells us how she makes time for her Christmas traditions in Ireland.

What are your Christmas family traditions?
‘I go back to Ireland for Christmas. My partner and I will stay in an Irish castle the night before Christmas Eve as a treat, as I love castles. On Christmas Eve all of my school friends go out together for drinks in our home town, and on Christmas Day my family all go to my granny and grandad’s house in Ireland, where all of my family are. I have a very big family so there are about 25 of us for Christmas dinner in my grandparents’ small terraced house! We will all have Christmas dinner together and then play games for the rest of the day. I spend Boxing Day with my best friend from school’s family.’

Sounds like a busy time! What would you say is your favourite memory of Christmas?
‘I remember when I was younger, I must have been about nine or ten, I really wanted a Hi-fi, to play music. But it was expensive and my family didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up, so I never imagined I would get one. So when I did on Christmas day, I was delighted for the entire year!’

And what are you asking for this year?
‘This year I’m hoping for cordless iPhone earphones.’

Now for a couple of quick-fire questions…Best Christmas film?
Love Actually. I have a soft spot for Hugh Grant…’

Favourite Christmassy food?
‘I love stuffing.’

Don’t we all! Now, this is a tricky one – do you dress up or dress down for Christmas day?
‘Last year I dressed as Mrs Santa, the year before I wore a Xmas jumper. I always try to wear something festive.’

Do you have a lot of work over Christmas?
‘Christmas is such a busy time in the clinic – it’s party season, so everyone wants to get their Botox or filler done to look their best. So I work most days up until I leave London for Ireland.’

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