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Six celebs who improved their smile

Yesterday marked the start of National Smile Month (14th May to 14th June) but you too can get a Hollywood smile just like these celebs.

Edele Lynch
You certainly wouldn’t think it by looking at her Instagram now, but Edele Lynch, the B*Witched lead singer, used to be so self-conscious about her teeth that she wouldn’t even smile in pictures with the band. ‘I learned to smile in a way that hid my teeth – I called it my ‘work smile,’ she says. ‘When I look back at pictures of me before my treatment, I feel a little sad as although I am happy, I was in fact hiding lots of insecurities about my looks and feel like I was focusing on getting my work smile right instead of taking all of the great moments in’.

Thankfully, Edele is now all smiles. ‘Nowadays when I’m asked to pose for a picture, I can smile happily knowing that my teeth are straight and I love my smile. As a result, I am now smiling from the inside as well as the outside!’

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Laura Trott and Jason Kenny
With 10 Olympic gold medals between them, Laura Trott and Jason Kenny know all about setting goals and achieving them. Another was to achieve a pair of winning smiles in time for the 2016 Olympics. ‘When we saw pictures of ourselves at the Olympic Games in 2012 we realised just how important it is to look after your teeth,’ Laura said. ‘We set ourselves a goal of improving our smiles before the next Olympic Games in 2016. We decided to have Invisalign treatment because it was really important that the treatment did not impinge on our training or racing performance.’

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Dina Asher Smith
Multi-medal winning British sprinter Dina Asher Smith realigned her teeth discreetly and, like Laura and Kenny, didn’t want it to affect performance. ‘I wanted to revise my smile to ensure it was as media fit as I am race fit,’ she said. ‘However, it isn’t acceptable to wear braces when you are in the public eye, so I wanted to have treatment to realign my teeth – incognito! I wear Invisalign for 20 hours a day – I train in them, I run in them, I race in them.’

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Giovanni Pernice
I mean, have you ever seen the Strictly star not smiling? Well, there’s a reason for that: ‘A smile, especially when you work in television, is one of the most important things,’ he says. ‘A smile is what everyone looks at first – and I always wanted my teeth to look better. I was very conscious of the position of my teeth. I am a perfectionist – I am a Virgo – and therefore anything which is not perfect affects me and I will strive to improve it.’

Saira Khan
 The Loose Women panellist, TV and radio presenter found that in photographs she didn’t smile as much and tended to keep her mouth closed to cover up her teeth. ‘I like to think that I am a confident woman, but for me confidence comes from being the best that I can be and that includes me looking my best and feeling good about myself,’ she says.

‘With my teeth, I realised that sometimes the biggest insecurities you have are the ones buried in the deep in your subconscious. I’m a really confident person, in the way I look, my work and how I am with people. It wasn’t until starting my TV career I become aware of my teeth and that looking back at all my photos, I never smiled. The more TV I did the more I became aware of it, and when the studio wanted me to become one the lead faces of E4 Body Fixers I knew it was time to do something about it.’

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Dr Tijion Esho
The Body Fixers TV doctor said: ‘On TV you want your personality to come out on camera. Off camera I was always very smiley and laughing all the time. The film crew loved it and always encouraged me to do the same on camera – but I became much more aware of the gap in my front teeth, and how rotated some were, which held back from smiling as much in the first series. So, when I was put forward to be the main man for the second series, I knew that had to change! I also didn’t want braces that could be seen with all the TV work I do, so Invisalign was their perfect solution for me.’

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All the above celebs found their new smiles through trying Invisalign, clear teeth aligners that straighten your teeth as you go about your daily routine.

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