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Supermodel Victoria Clay reveals her beauty secrets

We caught up with former Britain’s Next Top Model contestant Victoria Clay to discuss her modelling career, her favourite beauty products and the haunting experience that turned her vegetarian.

What was it like being on Britain’s Next Top Model?
‘I always smile when thinking back on the show, it has such a special place in my heart. It was such a great experience to jump in at the deep end of modelling, I learned so much.’

Are you still in touch with Abbey Clancy?
‘Unfortunately not, but us Scouse girls definitely need a catch-up coffee sometime.’

You always look in such great shape, what is your favourite type of exercise?
‘I’m loving my circuits of weight training at the minute – I’m trying to build my strength and muscle definition. Although dancing has to be my ultimate favourite way to exercise.’

What does your typical day of food look like?
‘I usually wake up to a bowl of porridge with layers of fruit and nuts, or switch to pancakes if I have more time. A favourite lunch of mine is pita with guacamole dip, hummus and olives. For dinner, I love anything with chickpeas, rice and tonnes of veggies. I always carry snacks in my handbag, too. I can’t function hungry.’

What made you decide to be a vegetarian?
‘I’ve been a strict veggie for seven years. I was a teenager working in a restaurant at the time of my conversion. They had photos on the wall of cows, and the customer could choose which cow their steak came from. Serving the steak, I could only think of their cute little cow faces. I quit that day and cried all the way home.’

Is it important to you that hair products are cruelty-free and vegan?
‘It’s always important that brands I work with align with my own ethics. I care about animals too much to work any other way.’

Could you tell Celebrity Secrets one thing our readers might not already know about you?
‘My fair skin helps to hide the fact that I’m not a natural redhead!’

You’d never guess! Is that why you use the Infuse My.Colour Shampoo and Treat Conditioner?
‘The colour shampoo keeps the fire in my hair in-between colourings. I love this brand because they are so innovative and cruelty-free.

They’re coming out with a new concept called MADE FOR ME (which will be available exclusively at Selfridges from 3-6 September). MADE FOR ME is a customisable system that blends to the exact tone of each individual’s hair colour. This is the answer for those like myself who often colour their hair to keep colour at its best!’

Victoria Clay with red hair
Victoria Clay’s iconic redhead look / Instagram @victoria_clay

MADE FOR ME is a bespoke hair-colouring product that subtly brightens your hair. It is mixed by hair professionals, who select pigments that will suit your hair. Samples of the product will be available at a Selfridges pop-up from Monday 3rd – Thursday 6th September.

We had a quick chat with co-founder Rob Forgione about the inspiration behind the product…

What made you want to create a vegan beauty brand?
‘I have worked for multi-nationals over the years and seen what happens to animals in testing laboratories. It’s horrific, which is why we are a vegan brand.’

Why do you think the product has been so popular?
‘People are sick of chemical-laden haircare that is tested on animals.’

How are you able to customise the product to each person’s hair tone?
‘Using the law and science of colour mixing. Picture the colour wheel and mixing finger paint at school and creating tones. It is really simple.’

What is the story behind the name ‘MADE FOR ME’?
I was talking to a gorgeous hair client about the product concept and she said “it’s so made for me.” And so the name was born!

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