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Made in Chelsea’s Miles Nazaire says he’s a ‘harmless flirt’

French heartthrob Miles Nazaire is already shaking things up on Made In Chelsea. We caught up with him to find out about cast drama, filming in Croatia and whether he’d be with Ell (or, as he calls her, Heloise) if Jamie wasn’t in the picture…

You’re one of the newest additions to the Made In Chelsea cast. How have the others treated you, as a newcomer?
‘Coming on to a well-established show with cast members that have been friends for a while is definitely a bit scary, but as soon as I started everyone was so welcoming.’

Who is your favourite cast member and why?
‘Everyone is amazing but if I had to choose one person, I would have to say James Taylor is my boy! Also, I can’t forget my bestie Sophie Habboo, who I am now about to live with.’

On the first episode of the series, Jamie was worried that you had your eye set on Heloise. Do you like her?
‘Jamie is such a lovely guy and he really loves Heloise. I think that’s why he felt threatened by my relationship with her. But, in all honesty, Heloise and I are just friends. I am a flirt but it’s harmless.’

What would you say to any viewers who still think you could try to swoop in and ‘take’ her from Jamie?
‘I would say I wouldn’t want to give Jamie a heart attack, so Heloise and I will stay friends.’

Do you think you would be with Heloise if Jamie was not in the picture?
‘I think any female and male relationship could be different if both people are single. Right now, though, I would say no because I respect Jamie as a friend and I see Heloise in a purely platonic way. But if I didn’t know Jamie, obviously Heloise is a beautiful girl – what guy wouldn’t want her?’

This series is set in Croatia. How long did you film over there for?
‘We filmed for a total of seven weeks, which flew by. I stayed in a villa in Vrbroska with Jamie, Sam, Heloise, Habboo and Mytton.’

Are you going to watch this series of Made In Chelsea?
‘Of course – I am so excited to see how it looks! And it’s funny to see what other cast members say about you in their scenes…’

How do you feel about watching yourself on TV?
‘At first it was really weird and quite cringe to be honest, but you get used to it. My family all get excited to watch it.’

What drama can we expect from this series?
‘Some new friendships, some old ones that end, and some awkward intense stares.’

What was your favourite moment when filming this series?
‘We had such an amazing summer but my all-time favourite was when Jamie got a bit drunk at dinner and started applauding every single waiter and waitress whilst giving them a speech. I can’t remember the last time I cried with laughter like that!’

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