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Tabitha Willett on her relationship with Miles and what it’s like being the new girl on Made In Chelsea

She may be new, but Tabitha has already made her mark on Made in Chelsea. Just two episodes in, we’ve already seen her swept away by the charm of new boy Miles. We caught up with Tabitha to find out what really happened between them…

How do you feel about being a newbie on the show? Have you found it easy to fit in?
‘It has felt a bit like being the new girl at school, but everyone has been so sweet and welcoming. I’m sure they remember what it was like to be the newbie once upon a time!’

How did you join the show – were you recruited?
‘Earlier this year I had just been dumped by my boyfriend and I was talking to Toff, who mentioned the idea of joining and I thought I would take the plunge. I haven’t looked back since!’

As a new cast member, do you see yourself stirring things up or just going with the flow?
‘I’m a fairly chilled character – however, I have no problem stirring things up if the person in question deserves it.’

How was Croatia?
‘I had the time of my life. Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer in the sun, with all of their close friends? There was a lot of drama, to say the least, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.’

How do you stay in shape while filming?
‘I have the most amazing PT here in London who trains me three times a week, but I am in no way a gym bunny. While I was in Croatia, I did yoga most mornings at the villa and lots of exploring around the island, which was quite exerting. Ollie and I went on a hike one day and I got a tick in my leg which Olivia had to pull out.’

Who is your favourite cast member?
‘Probably Olivia. I have known her since we were children and she gets me so well. She has such a dry sense of humour which cracks me up.’

In last night’s episode we saw you getting close with Miles… What happened with you two?
‘Miles and I had such great chemistry in Croatia and it became apparent pretty quickly that we were the only two single people out there! It was nice to have a summer romance.’

Do you like Miles?
‘Currently, no. But I definitely did at the time!’

Did you watch Made In Chelsea before you went on it?
‘I always kept up to date with the story lines but I haven’t watched it religiously for years. It’s always quite funny seeing your friends and neighbourhood on screen.’

What are your plans for the future?
‘I’m relaunching my blog. I’m really excited about this and will be focusing mainly on fashion, but also home, travel and beauty, too. I’ve always wanted to open my own fashion and lifestyle boutique on King’s Road, so I’m looking at some spaces for that at the moment. I think that I may have found one though, so watch this space!’

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