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Abbey Clancy talks family life and designing her new MyBabiie range

We caught up with the mum of three to find out more about her new pushchair and nursery designs from My Babiie…

Did you think of your kids when it came to designing your new line?
‘Yes, absolutely. I wanted it to be quite cool. I love working with unusual prints that have a bit of a rock ’n’ roll vibe, so it’s also a reflection of my own personal style. And Sophia’s a real rock chick, too!’

What’s your favourite piece from the range and why?
‘I can’t pick one! I love the cat high chair with the black pussycat inlay and glittery tray – it’s girlie but with a cool edge to it. I also love the dalmation print pushchair with gold bars – it’s unisex and really cool for both winter and summer. With all the pushchairs I wanted to make sure they’re also lightweight, so it’s easy for busy mums to get around.’

On to family life. Is it hard getting the kids off to school now you’ve got three kids to organise?
‘Of course it was harder when Johnny was a newborn, but now he’s a little older he can come with me in the car, because he loves to see his sisters off to school. Having said that, every child and every family is different and there’s no one routine you can follow – you really have to do what works best for you.’

How do you manage to work and look after three young children?
‘With my career, I am fortunate in that I have a more flexible schedule and can often fit work in around my home life, because that’s what is most important to me. I’m really lucky to also have a strong family network. My mum and I are super-close, and she loves spending time with her grandchildren, so she’s always the first one to jump in and help when I need her!’

What’s the hardest thing about having three kids?
‘Any mother will know when you have a baby, your body has gone through a lot of work and needs time to recover, so you’re tired but need to stay up with them – when they sleep, you sleep. That was fine when I just had Sophia, but it’s another ballgame when you’ve got other children to factor in as well. You have to be there for all of them. It’s hard work and I’m lucky to have Peter, who would stay up to do night feeds so I could rest. You have to take the good with the bad – I always remind myself that this time is so precious and before I know it they’ll be grown up, so I cherish every moment with them no matter what time of night it is!’

Finally, please tell Celebrity Secrets one secret you’ve never revealed to your fans until now…
‘I’m actually a really good baker. Cakes are my favourite thing – I love baking them and eating them!’

Abbey Clancy’s The Catwalk Collection of pushchair and nursery designs is available exclusively at mybabiie.com

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