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The Apprentice stars Michaela Wain and Harrison Jones on their shock pregnancy

No, we didn’t see it while watching last year’s The Apprentice, either, but it seems there was a connection between candidates Michaela and Harrison – so much so that they’re now expecting a baby boy! We wonder if they’ll name him Alan…

Spill the beans – did you get together while filming?
M ‘No – it was after! We didn’t get together in the house because you’re just too busy and there’s no time!’
H ‘We got on so well on the show, then the friendship just developed naturally into a relationship.’

Michaela, you’ve suffered from depression and anxiety. Do you think your appearance on the show helped you overcome it?
M ‘I used to suffer from anxiety to the point I weighed six stone and didn’t want to leave the house. It was one of my main reasons for going on the show, as I don’t think anything can be worse than getting fired by Alan Sugar.’

You’ve both gone into the construction business together, as well as working on solo projects. Is it all a bit hectic?
M ‘It’s crazy right now with the launch of my construction database business. We’ve both got so much going on, it is literally all work and no play. But, we’ve made a pact and now say after nine o’clock there are no emails and phones and we have a date night once a week.’
H ‘I’m launching Equals Health, a company that offers healthy option meals, prepared by Michelin-star chefs for busy people on the go. This means I am in London half the week and I come up to see Michaela on a Thursday, because she runs her businesses in Bolton.’

And now you’ve a little boy on the way…
M ‘I’m so excited! I’m happier now the logistics are in place. I knew we loved each other, and we’d make it work, but Harrison was permanently down south and I’m up north, so we had to decide who was going to move where and how it was going to work. And now all that is sorted we can get excited about his grand arrival.’
H ‘I think once he is here I’ll just learn every day – I actually can’t wait.’

Do you have a pregnancy health and beauty regime?
M ‘I can’t go to the gym because of all the pregnancy complications, I’ve had 15 miscarriages, so there are things I’m not allowed to do. I tend to walk a lot and take the stairs as opposed to the lift. I’ve put on about two stone but just think ‘oh well’. I am just using face wipes and No7 cream on my skin. I normally have botox as well, but I can’t while I’m pregnant.’

Michaela is a strong woman; does she wear the trousers?
H ‘Ha, ha – no! I would say it is quite evenly matched, but probably more in my favour [laughs].’

Is Harrison helping you around the house more?
M ‘Harrison is obsessively tidy – he’ll do an hour and a half of lifting all my cushions off the couch and Hoovering underneath them! But he doesn’t cook – I wouldn’t trust him to make me a meal.’
H ‘I actually have a chef who makes my meals when I’m working, so Michaela is right about the cooking thing!’

You met on reality TV – would you do another reality show?
M ‘Perhaps. I wouldn’t do Strictly because I’d be out in a week – I’ve got zero rhythm! I couldn’t do I’m a Celebrity, either, as there’s no way I’d munch on kangaroo balls! My brother [Joshua Ritchie] has been on Love Island and Ex on the Beach, plus we have a business together, so something that portrays reality would be good for us as a family.’
H ‘I’d do another show, but to be honest I think there’d be too many dull moments with me in it!’

To find out more about Michaela and Harrison’s companies visit equalshealth.co.uk and designandbuilduk.net

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