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Celebs Go Dating’s Eyal Booker says he has been rejected for being too ‘spiritual’

With Celebs Go Dating back on our screens, we caught up with our favourite Love Island heartthrob to find out his feelings towards Megan and Wes, why he is tired of drama and why he thinks a woman was ‘lying’ when she said he was too spiritual.

How has your Celebs Go Dating experience differed from Love Island?
‘It’s more of a real-life experience. I have time to think about my date, I’m not jumping into bed with them that night! This whole process has been really fun. And it’s celebs going dating – it’s not Love Island, where you’re categorised with ‘love’. So at the moment we’re just learning how to date and enjoy the process of dating.’

Looking back on your time on Love Island, is there someone you would have preferred to have coupled up with now?
‘Ummm…Everyone bar the two girls! No, I always said everything happens for a reason, and it wasn’t meant to be there so I’ve moved on. I don’t sit there and dwell on that.’

Are you surprised Meg and Wes have stayed together for so long?
‘No… It hasn’t really been that long! I’m not actually surprised, there was a big element that they were genuine, it’s just the way they went about things wasn’t the best way to do it. But I always wished them the best of luck and I hope that they continue to go from strength to strength.’

Out of all the celebs on Celebs Go Dating, who would you want to go on a date with?
‘I’d probably go on a date with Olivia if I had to choose one…She’s just got a good vibe.’

When you came on Celebs Go Dating, did you have a specific type in mind?
‘I think Love Island taught me not to go with just what you see. The agency made me realise that potentially I do have a type and it’s good to break away from that type.’

What does someone have to do to catch your eye at a mixer?
‘I want someone who’s quite comfortable in a mixer and ready to have a bit of fun and get to know you. It’s hard because it’s mixed with guys and girls sometimes and they’re already mingling once we walk in. You see a girl chatting to a guy and you’re like, oh, I guess I’ll leave them be!’

Obviously there was drama with you and Alik picking the same girl at the mixer. Can you tell us about that?
‘I came on here for a drama-free life and drama follows me everywhere I go! I think we all stood by our beliefs and morals. None of us have come in here trying to compete with anyone, but you’ve got four guys who all sometimes have the same bunch to pick from, so it’s inevitable at times that you will pick the same person.’

How far would you be willing to go on a first date?
‘Woah! We’re not shooting a porno here. You’ll have to wait and see for that…’

Have you had any awkward phone calls where you’ve got to call them up and tell them you’re not interested?
‘No, but I was told that I’ve got to start being not as nice and more straight-up at the end of a date, whether I see it progressing or not. That’s kind of something I’ve learnt to do. You can word it in a way that they understand. Although some people don’t like it and they give you shit feedback – they come at you!

I’m a really sensitive guy sometimes and one girl really got to me. She just went to the default. Things around that [being spiritual]. We were on a double date and [what she said] just wasn’t legit. And what insulted me most was that she was lying and it’s like just don’t lie – don’t be a liar.’

What have been the main points the agency have told you to work on?
‘They told me that I’ve got to stop being so nice. I was a bit like, “no!” because it’s not nice to not be nice. I still respect the person I’m on a date with, I’m not going to turn and be a horrible guy because I’m not attracted to this girl or we’re not vibing the way I want to vibe.

And then, besides that, obviously the deep and spiritual shit has cropped up. Some people like it, some people don’t. Because of Love Island, there are some girls that I’ve been on dates with that already know me. Then maybe if the date hasn’t gone the way they had hoped, the feedback they give is very generic to what they’ve already seen. And sometimes that can be a bit insulting because it’s like, well, I was sat on that date with you and we didn’t get deep or spiritual!’

Have you gone for any second dates with people you’ve met?
‘Pending. We’re still dating, we’re still in that moment. But there’s one coming up, which is exciting! But we’ll see – it’s still early days.’

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