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Ferne McCann reveals her festive plans for her daughter’s second Christmas

We find out all about the reality star’s wish list and how she plans to make this Christmas her daughter’s most special yet.

Ferne, are you planning any new Christmas traditions for you and Sunday to do together?
‘I really want a personalised Christmas plate for Sunday – I actually get emotional just talking about it! By that I mean a plate where you put a carrot on for the reindeer, and there’s space for a mince pie for Father Christmas. That’s what’s so special about having a child – you can relive all of your favourite childhood memories together. I used to love putting a glass of milk, some whisky, a mince pie and carrots out on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas. I really want to get a little Christmas Eve box for Sunday, too.’

What will you put in it?
‘Christmas pyjamas, and maybe another of her favourite soft toys, which is a rabbit called Bun Bun. If you say ‘Where’s Bun Bun?’ she’ll go and look for it – it’s so cute! We’ve got three now and we wash them all the time so she always has one with her. I don’t know why I’m saying ‘we’ – it’s just me on my own! Having said that, although I raise Sunday as a single parent I do get help from my friends and family. There’s my mum, my make-up artist, Mikey, my stylist, Ellis, my hairdresser, Sarrah – even my lovely cleaner, Lena, gets involved!’

What else do you remember about Christmas growing up?
‘Our tree presents were all put in piles, and we weren’t allowed to open them until we’d had our showers and got ready for the day. I‘ve never had a Christmas where I’ve been in my pyjamas all day – maybe that’s something I’ll do this year! I’ll still have a shower, do my hair and put some make-up on, then pop on a nice clean pair of Christmas pyjamas to wear for the day.’

Do you think you’ll shower Sunday with Christmas gifts?
‘No. Everybody went above and beyond for her first birthday, so she really doesn’t need a lot at Christmas. I want to rein that in because I don’t want her to be spoilt and just think that she can have any toy in the shop. That’s not going to happen.’

Ferne’s daughter, Sunday, at the Celebrity Secrets cover shoot

What are you planning to buy your mum?
‘She tells me what she wants – in fact we both tell each other! Mum’s birthday is on the 13th of November, so it’s close to Christmas as it is. She loves perfume – in particular Laboratory Perfumes Amber scent.’

Do you tend to Christmas shop online to avoid fans stopping you for selfies?
‘No – Sunday gets more selfies than I do! The last time I went shopping I went to Bluewater and no one gave me a second look! Instead it was Sunday they went mad for!’

We know you love Harrods for Christmas shopping…where else do you like to visit?
‘Chelmsford is great. They’ve got this new shopping centre called Bond Street and you can park in John Lewis, right in the centre. It’s such a pleasant and stress-free experience, which is ideal when you’ve got a baby in tow.’

What Christmas gifts do you like to receive?
‘Anything food-related. My friend Mikey got me a really nice Fortnum & Mason hamper last year, which was amazing. When I used to work in London, back in the days before TOWIE, mum and I used to go to Covent Garden for all our Christmas bits. The Neal’s Yard Dairy cheese shop there is incredible, plus they let you taste it all!’

Being so in to Christmas must mean you’re organised when it comes to writing and posting cards…
‘I love the idea of writing Christmas cards to everyone, but I really don’t have the time. I’ll probably do a little WhatsApp group Christmas message instead. I always make sure I send nice cards to my immediate family and Sunday, though.’

Let’s talk trees. Real or fake?
‘Artificial all the way – I can’t have Sunday hurting herself with pine needles! I’ve got a really good fake one and it honestly looks amazing. If you think about it the best Christmas tree displays in London, like those in Selfridges and Harrods, all use artificial trees – and they look breathtaking. If I ever move to a big house then I would probably do both, but an artificial tree is so much safer with a baby.’

What are your Christmas decorations like?
‘I’m a white light kind of girl – I don’t like coloured lights – and I definitely don’t like tinsel. I also had a big bow tied on my front door last year. I was worried it might look a bit tacky, but it actually looked really nice.’

Do you have any plans to whisk Sunday off to the real Lapland?
‘I think I’m going to stick to Harrods this year and meet the Father Christmas there. There are so many amazing grottos in your local garden centre, so you don’t have to travel that far to have a magical experience. If some of my friends organised to do that then I’d probably go along, but at the moment Sunday’s too young to appreciate it.’

Ferne and Sunday at the Celebrity Secrets Christmas cover shoot

Will you be going all-out when it comes to Christmas food and drink?
‘I might actually consider getting a turkey crown, as there’s only a few of us together on Christmas Day. I can’t cope with the endless leftovers! All that turkey curry, turkey soup, turkey risotto and turkey sandwiches. It’s such a dry meat – but what’s Christmas without a turkey?’

Do you have a favourite Christmas tipple to wash the turkey down with?
‘Prosecco or Champagne. I also love a Bucks Fizz in the morning. I’m so excited for Christmas. Everyone works so hard all year round, and Christmas is a time where everyone’s out of the office, spending time with their families and really making the most of it.’

Will you maintain your healthy lifestyle over the holidays?
‘Yes – I have my Herbalife shake every single day, which really helps to keep my nutrition at an optimum. Fitness is also very important to me, as when I don’t exercise I feel sluggish. Even if it’s just a nice walk on Christmas Day with the family, it’s best to keep active.’

Your career is also going from strength to strength. How’s filming going for your new series of Ferne Mccann: First Time Mum?
‘I love it. I can’t tell you how many messages I get from people who tell me they love how relatable I am as a single mum. The series shows them that they’re not doing it alone, and there are others in similar situations.’

Is Sunday aware of what’s going on around her yet?
‘She’s still too young – but I know how quickly time can pass by! At the moment she’s surfing around the sofa and walking with her walker, which means in no time she’ll be up and off and walking by herself. She’s also making ‘mum’ noises and she can understand so much more than what she can actually say. I can’t wait for her to start talking properly. Life would be so boring if I didn’t have her. Sunday really does make my life complete.’

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