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Liv Bentley talks Made In Chelsea, her friendship with Sam and being in the public eye

We’re all busy following the Made In Chelsea stars’ antics in Croatia. So we caught up with Liv Bentley to talk about her public private life, her relationship with Sam and why she no longer watches herself on TV

How is filming in Croatia different to filming in Chelsea? Which do you prefer?
‘It’s different because we’re living together and so spend a lot more time with each other, which can either go one way or the other. Everyone’s also in holiday mode so there’s a lot more partying and everyone seems slightly more relaxed than when we’re in Chelsea. I prefer being in Chelsea, though, because I get easily irritated by certain people. When we’re away you can’t really escape, whereas in Chelsea you can just go and do our own thing.’

How do you feel about having your old friend Tabitha join the cast?
‘It’s really nice because she’s a bit like family or an older sister. She’s really sweet and I have known her since I was five. We’ve always got on really well and she treats me like her baby sister which I love.’

How did you and Sam become such good friends?
‘Sam and I were at school together and so have a lot of friends in common which meant we would hang out quite a lot. But in the last year we’ve got a lot closer because we’ve both gone through dramas – I tend to go to him with mine, and after his breakup with Tiff he would come to me for help and advice.’

You and Sam fell out at the end of last series. Do you think the dynamic of yours and Sam’s friendship could ever change for good?
‘No I think it will always be the same. Sam and I have one of those friendships where we fall out but tend to get over it pretty quickly and I know that whatever happens he will always be there for me and I’ll be there for him.’

Do you find that having a public private life makes your relationship more difficult to navigate?
‘Yeah it’s hard because I think everyone feels they can comment and make judgments on what happens in my relationship. It’s not nice when people condemn your behaviour or think you’re doing something wrong when they don’t always see the full picture.’

Do you ever watch yourself on TV? What’s that like?
‘When I first joined the show I did watch most of it back but recently, since going through breakups and fall outs, it’s sometimes hard to go through it all again and bring back all the emotions I went through while it was being filmed.’

What beauty products do you swear by?
‘I have used the same brand of everything since I was about 15. I don’t do face masks or use different creams for different bits. I literally just use Simple moisturiser in the morning and in the evening. I have been very lucky with my skin so I haven’t needed to try a load of different products.’

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