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Love Island Winner Amber Davies’ Festival Hairstyle Tutorials You Need to Try

The only thing better than festival season is festival hair! In this article, celebrity hairstylist Dominic Seeley shows you how to create 4 Instagrammable festival looks as modelled by Love Island Winner and West End star, Amber Davies.

Amber’s hairstyles, including a bohemian scarf look and space buns, were created using the latest BaByliss and Remington hair tools available on the Argos website and app, as well as in-store.

To recreate Amber’s looks, follow Dominic’s step-by-step guide here:

Look One: Space Buns

Step one: Dry the hair with the Remington AIR3D Hairdryer to smooth out the hairline and make it easier to style. Prep the hair with L’Oreal Elnett Normal Strength Hairspray

Step two: Using the BaByliss Curl Pro 210 Curling Tong, smooth out the hair and create a beachy wave. Do a twist wrap, curling away from the face. Try to avoid a repeat pattern by alternating the wave direction

Step three: Brush out the beach waves and add more Elnett Hairspray for extra texture

Step four: Tie the hair in two ponytails. Use Phil Smith Big It Up Dry Shampoo to add grit and volume, and back-comb

Step five: Take each ponytail, twist round and secure with a bobby pin into desired shape

Step six: Use L’Oreal Xtreme Hold 9 Gel to detail the fine hairs around the hairline

Step seven: Use a light spritz of Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued to set the look.


Look Two: Chain Ponytail

Step one: Create a concealed braid just below the crown ear to ear. If you can’t create the braid, it could be best to buy chains with clasps

Step two: Straighten hair with the BaByliss 2179KU Keratin Shine Wide Hair Straightener

Step three: Attach chain to the top of the concealed braid using clasps or rings. Cut the chain to your desired length, mixing and matching lengths to add texture and interest

Step four: Gather the rest of the hair, including the chains, and connect into the ponytail to bring it all together using L’Oreal Elnett Extra Strong Hairspray to spray the roots for a sleek finish

Step six: Wrap additional chain around the base of the ponytail for a clean, concealed look

Step seven: Use L’Oreal Xtreme Hold 9 Gel to create detail using fine hairs around the ear.  

Look Three: Boho Scarf Bun

Step one: Dry the hair with the Remington AIR3D Hairdryer

Step two: Prep the hair with L’Oreal Elnett Normal Strength Hairspray and curl with the BaByliss Keratin Shine Wave Curling Tong for a relaxed, lived-in wave

Step three: Brush through the waves and gather the top half of the hair on the head, leaving tendrils around the face. Knot the hair into your desired shape at the back of the head

Step four: Loop a scarf around the bun and then double knot to secure and position. Fix the look with L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray

Look Four: Festival Glam

Step one: Wave the look with the BaByliss Keratin Shine Wave Curling Tong

Step two: Use the Remington Keratin Protect Volume and Smooth Brush through the top section for volume

Step three: Continue to wave in alternating wave pattern for added volume

Step four: Braid the hair in different places for a casual look, tying off at varied lengths to give a bohemian vibe

Step five: Add in braid detailing with hair jewellery and rings, creating some fun looks and textures

Step six: Finish the look with a spritz of Got2b Glued.

Celebrity hairdresser Dominic Seeley said: “When it comes to festival hair, more and more people are being bolder with their choice of style, whether that’s experimenting with eye-catching hair accessories or taking inspiration from the singers they’re seeing on-stage. There’s no magic secret to creating a stunning festival look – all the tools you need are available at your local Argos.”

Products used to create the looks:

Remington Gold Dust Hair Straightener S5208 – £69.99
BaByliss 2480U Straight and Curl Brilliance Straightener – £59.99
BaByliss 2179KU Keratin Shine Wide Hair Straightener – £44.99


BaByliss 2289KU Keratin Shine Wave Curling Tong – £24.99
Remington CI83V6 Keratin Protect Styling Wand – £22.99
BaByliss 2287BU Curl Pro 210 Tong – £19.99
BaByliss 2165BU The Crimper – £22.99
Remington PROluxe Ceramic Hair Curling Tong – £29.99


Remington CB7A136 Keratin Protect Volume and Smooth Brush – £34.99


Remington AIR3D Hair Dryer with Diffuser – £79.99


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