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Eyal Booker: My Love Island Secrets

Eyal Booker: my Love Island secrets

“If I was single I’d chat to Maura”

Last year’s Love Islander on who he’d hook up with in the villa and why

Interview by Claire Muffett-Reece

Photo credit: Joseph Sinclair

Looking at this year’s Love Islanders, who would you say has got the best shape?

‘A lot of the islanders this year have jobs that require them to be in good shape – several are models, Michael’s a firefighter, Tommy’s a boxer, Lucie’s a surfer – so I think those guys have great physiques that reflect what they do for a living.’

If you could go back in to the villa right now, who would you pull aside for a chat?

‘That’s a tricky one! I’m very happy with my girlfriend, so I’m not really thinking like a single man. I do however think Maura’s got a lot about her. I think it’s pretty cool the way she always sticks up for what she believes in.’

Eyal would talk to Maura if he was single

Who do you think is going to win?

‘It’s got to be Tommy and Molly-Mae, right?’

This year’s contestants always seem to be training in the gym…

‘You have a lot of time on your hands so it makes sense to train. We were all the same last year. I used the gym in the villa on most days, and took advantage of the other guys’ tips and advice for different types of workouts. I also swam in the pool a lot – even though it was freezing cold!’

What was the catering like on the show? 

‘They asked us before we went in what we’d like for breakfast, so most people had fruit or porridge. The production company then laid on lunch and dinner every day, which is why you don’t see the contestants sitting down eating proper meals. There would basically be platters with loads of different options – some healthy, some not so much. I would typically go for some chicken and salad or veg with a bit of rice or pasta, but of course sometimes you just fancy a few chips! We all got tempted by the snacks, though, eating chocolate bars and crisps. There was usually a late night toastie-making session going on, too!’

He thinks Tommy and Molly-Mae will win Love Island

What was the reason that made you hit the gym and change your shape initially?

‘I was modelling before I went on Love Island – and continue to do so – and needed to keep myself in good shape. Having said that I’ve always been into fitness – not just for aesthetic reasons, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. I find exercise quite meditative – it really helps me to focus.’

What exercise do you do?

‘I go to F45 Training and do a 45-minute blast of high-intensity exercise, usually in a class with a few other people. I also go to GYMBOX which has a great energy – both of them push me to my limits, but the trainers are amazing and really motivate you.’

Eyal kept fit during his time on the show

Back to Love Island. With the contestants slowly being dumped from the island, what advice would you give for anyone still in the villa?

‘You’ve got to be yourself – you can’t pretend or you’ll get caught out. And also, enjoy every moment – it will all be over before you know it, so make the most of your time in paradise!’




Eyal is an ambassador for World Vision, RSPCA and Dog’s Trust instagram.com/eyalbooker


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