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Love Island’s Charlie Frederick talks Hayley Hughes, and who he would choose to snog, marry and pie

We all felt bad for Charlie when he was dumped from the villa pretty much as soon as arriving! So having had time to reflect on his Love Island experience, what are his feelings towards Hayley, and how would he have done things differently?

What’s life like since coming out of the villa?
‘It’s been mental – I’ve not really stopped. I think I’ve been home three times in total. I’ve been doing lots of press stuff, I’ve been on Good Morning Britain, Lorraine and I’ve done lots of club appearances. I never thought this would happen – I was only in the villa for a few days!’

You were dumped from the island quite early on, do you think you had more to give?
‘I’m a big personality and a people’s person. I had so much more to give and I’m a bit bitter that I went out so early. It wasn’t in my hands and I was gutted for a while.’

If you could go in on the first day and have your time again, who would you to couple up with?
‘Georgia or Ellie. Ellie is my type, she’s blonde and she’s got a great body. She’s also fiery and I like how she’s been sticking up for Laura. Georgia is also fiery and I got on with her in the villa. I was cracking on with her a bit while I was there, but obviously being coupled up with Hayley at the time meant that wasn’t going to happen.’

Who do you want to win?
‘I want Josh and Kaz to win. I love Jack and Dani but I think we all know relationships aren’t that plain sailing. I just think Kaz and Josh are more genuine, they both like each other, and it’s a real connection.’

Who were you closest to in the villa?
‘Me and Adam are really close. I’ve spoken to him since he left the villa. I know I have a friend for life with him. I got on really well with Josh and Jack, too.’

Do you and Hayley speak at all now?
‘I was pissed off for a long time. The process to get on the show isn’t exactly easy and I was annoyed that we left so early. But we went to Thorpe Park on a press day together recently and we just kind of made up. We don’t speak regularly but I’ve started following her on Instagram now! I imagine she’s looking to date the footballer type, someone who will pay for her all the time.’

How do you all wash your clothes in the villa?
‘Once a week you had to give in your dirties and it would be returned by the next day.’

What about going to bed in the villa? Was there a set time you all had to sleep?
‘The lights go off and we all have to go to sleep. We have no idea what the time is as there are no clocks in the villa. At first it was strange but then you get used to it and find yourself becoming more relaxed. Some nights it could be 4am and you wouldn’t know, but it was fun to just go with the flow. If we had a party and were staying up later, the lights would come on later the next day.’

There were rumours that you would be going back in. Would you like to?
‘Yes, but in an ideal world it would be to go in next Monday. I wouldn’t want to miss the World Cup Final if England get through!’

Who would you snog, marry, pie?
‘I would have married Jack’s ex Ellie, I would have snogged blonde Ellie, and then pied Hayley, obviously!’

Are you still watching the show?
‘I am – I’m trying to keep up to date with it because I get asked questions all the time, but to be honest I don’t like watching it anymore. It just makes me frustrated because I know I could still be in there.’

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