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Love Island’s Zara McDermott quit her job for a career in fashion and politics

Love Island star Zara McDermott says she quit her job as a government adviser to focus on a career in fashion and politics.

Zara was a government adviser for five months after she left the Love Island villa, but says she recently quit so she could be on a BBC show about Brexit. ‘In order to do anything political [on television], I had to quit my job.’

The BBC show was a ‘tongue and cheek’ look at Brexit, she says. After the show aired, the media portrayed Zara as very pro-Brexit, which she says is not the case. ‘All of that got really misconstrued.

‘I’m not a huge advocate of Brexit but I think, because we have committed to Brexit, we should do it.’

Even though she quit her government job, Zara says she still wants to get involved in politics. ‘I’d love to get involved in reporting politics and encouraging young people to get involved.’

But she has another dream, too. She has recently released a fashion line with Lasula Boutique and says she would ‘love to do it again.’

Zara’s Lasula collection is available at lasula.co.uk

‘I’d love to continue the fashion stuff because I found it really fun,’ she adds.

She says she drew a lot of the designs for the range, but a qualified designer brought her ideas to life.

The result, according to Zara, is a ‘classy, elegant, sexy and comfortable’ collection. She thinks this is much-needed on the high-street.

‘When I’m shopping on the high street, a lot of clothes come up too short or they’re too revealing and don’t work. I struggle to find something classy and elegant. I thought the best way to mitigate that would be to come up with something myself that was classy, elegant, sexy and comfortable.’

How does she juggle her blossoming fashion career with her daily social media posts and political goals? Her schedule is manic, she admits, and she finds it hard to make time for her friends.

‘I see my Love Island friends more than I see my actual friends. I don’t have time to see my actual friends.’

This is hard for her, she explains. ‘I’ve definitely lost a few of my home friends in the process.

‘One of my friends, who I’ve been friends with since I was 11, she couldn’t cope with feeling deprioritised. And I do understand it and it must be hard, but as a friend you’ve also got to understand that your mate’s life has changed for the absolute better – so just be there and take a back seat.’

But she still sees a lot of her Love Island co-stars, and is closest to Ellie Brown. ‘Ellie is my best friend and she now will be forever. She and I have a strong bond that nobody really understands.’

She also has an unlikely friendship with Georgia Steel, she says. ‘Me and Georgia are very different – she’s a bit of a live wire and I’m the opposite, I’m really calm. So we work well as a friendship, cos I’m the sensible one and I’m like, “babe, calm down, put down the wine,” and she gets me out of my shell.’

Another relationship that has survived the villa is that of Zara and her boyfriend, Adam Collard. They are moving into their own flat in Brentwood, close to Zara’s family. ‘It’s not going to be our forever home,’ she says, but it will be ‘somewhere we can keep our stuff.’

The conversation moves from Love Island to another reality show, as Zara reveals she is watching this series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! ‘I want Anne to win – I think she’s fantastic. I just want to give her a hug.’

Would she ever go on the show? ‘Yeah definitely,’ she enthuses. ‘I’m all about experiences and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.’

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