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Olivia Buckland on her new reality show and being a “Bridezilla”

At the glamorous launch party for her new Skin Republic Prep & Glow Face Mask, Olivia Buckland opened up about her upcoming wedding to Alex Bowen, what we can expect from their new reality TV show and why she refused to watch Love Island this year…

Why did you partner up with Skin Republic to create the Prep & Glow face mask?
‘Before Love Island, my skincare was using makeup wipes – now it’s completely different and I have noticed a change in my skin from working with Skin Republic. So it’s so natural to create a product that I believe in. And I love makeup, so having a face mask that you wear predominantly for preparing your face for makeup is a dream come true.’

How has it transformed your skin?
‘I suffered with bad blackheads, hormonal breakouts and just not caring, so I had quite dull-looking skin. I think something like this mask, because it has the different aspects in it – pomegranate extract, that creates a more brightened effect, collagen plumps the skin… So many things in this create the glow that everyone’s after and red carpet vibes!’

I’ve got to ask – are you going to be using the mask on your wedding day?
‘Oh my god, 100%. My makeup artist was like, “you have to use the face mask, otherwise I’m not doing your makeup!”‘

How are your final preparations going for your wedding?
‘I’m just trying to chill. I mean, it’s only working because I’m still working – I’m still at events, I’m still out and I’m still filming. But, yeah, I’m trying to take it more chilled than I have been. Just giving myself a rest. I think a rested you is the best you.’

If this is you resting, then what is you working?!
‘I know! I’ve been working in Manchester four days a week for the past three months so just being in London and being in Essex is actually me resting.’

How are things going with you and Alex?
‘Really good. Obviously we’re both really looking forward to the wedding and we’ve got the show also airing on 28th September, so that’s cool.’

Olivia and fiancé Alex Bowen at the launch party for the Skin Republic Prep & Glow face mask

What was it like shooting your new show Alex and Olivia Said Yes!  together?
‘It was really fun. It’s just really easy, really natural, it’s just us. It wasn’t fake, it wasn’t too glam, it was just raw. And that’s what we wanted.’

And what can we expect from the show?
‘I mean, a bit of a Bridezilla moment! I think you’ve also got a mother-of-the-Bridezilla moment. Lots of fun, though.’

Has your mum been getting really involved with the wedding planning?
‘I needed my mum because I was too busy to plan it myself, so I needed someone to help me. It’s easier if you let your mum help – they look after everything!’

There are a lot of Love Island stars at this party tonight [Kendall, Eyal and Darylle]. Have you been watching Love Island this year?
‘No, I don’t really watch it. I met Laura and I met Kendall and they’re all really lovely, but after the outbreak after what happened to Sophie I decided to not watch it.’

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