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TOWIE star Shelby Tribble on her sunglasses range and summer plans

The TOWIE star on her sunglasses range and summer plans

By Claire Muffett-Reece

Your Shock x Shelby sunglasses are amazing! How did the business come about in the first place?

‘I’ve got to say my manager Vickie White has a good eye for opportunity. She knew I’ve always wanted to have my own business, and with summer just around the corner we thought sunglasses would be a great start! A business associate of ours was able to work with us to source some really fantastic designs at affordable prices. It means you can have a different style for each day of the week, without breaking the bank, and I really think we have achieved that.’

What’s your favourite pair of sunglasses from the range?

‘It’s really hard to choose as I like all of them, but I have to say the bigger and more mirrored for me the better – especially in rose gold! That way I can either hide a hangover or check out any fit potential men without getting caught!’

Do you have any fashion disasters you’d care to share?

‘Nothing that I can pinpoint specifically, but I think I am just one big fashion disaster! I’m not the best at trying to put together outfits. I’d love to be able to be one of those girls that can just look and know what looks good together. So to be safe I always try to just wear an outfit and colours that stand out!’

Thailand looked amazing – was it as glamorous as it seemed?

‘Thailand is a beautiful part of the world, but I’m not sure I’d be in a rush to go back just because it takes so long to get there! It had amazing scenery and the people over there are so amazing and helpful, but some parts seemed quite dirty and seedy. Because of all the drama that went on it was a memorable trip for all the wrong reasons, too! I’m still o grateful that I was lucky enough to visit a place like that, because so many people talk highly of it. Maybe I just need to try another part of Thailand!’

Where else in the world is on your bucket list?

‘The Maldives has always been on my bucket list – do I even need to say why!? It looks so beautiful and peaceful. I always said I’d like to fly first class there for my honeymoon!’

Have you got any other hot holidays coming up?

‘With my work I’m a lot more free to come and go as I please, so for me I tend to sort a holiday last minute. I’m meant to be going to Miami with my best friend Clelia when filming finishes, as we have a lot of friends out there and I’ve never been. I’ve also just been to Ibiza – I’ve been going every single year without fail since the age of 17!’

What do you look for in a man?

‘I am the fussiest woman on earth when it comes to relationships – the littlest thing can put me off. I’ve had a few long-term relationships so I know well enough now what I do and don’t want. I just think when you know you know! But in terms of what I look for in men humour is way up there. I love someone that can constantly make me laugh and put a smile on my face. I have to find them attractive and they have to be tall. I like them to be confident, intelligent and nice – but not too nice, as I want to be kept on my toes a little! Balance is important, because you still need to have your girl and boy time with friends. And loyalty and trust are two huge things for me as well!’

Which celeb is your ideal man?

Aside from his height and his weird and wonderful personality, I do have to say Tom Hardy is the one celeb I find super sexy!’

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