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Vas J Morgan says Celebs Go Dating is “so real” compared to TOWIE

The charismatic star of The Only Way is Essex always seemed to be the life and soul of the show. But Vas J Morgan says he is actually “really shy” and Celebs Go Dating has made him more confident. Here, he opens up about his first ever dating experience and why he would not take a boyfriend on TOWIE.

Wrong first impressions

Vas J Morgan says men are surprised when they go on a date with him, as he is so different to his television personality on TOWIE.

“I think people thought I was more of a bitch than I am. Like, I’m really shy and I think I came across maybe on TOWIE as a bit more in your face,” he says.

“But I’m really quite shy when you first meet me. And I think that was a bit of a shock for most people,” he adds.

This cropped up in his feedback from the agents on the show, he says, as they said he should be more confident. Vas says he finds it difficult to be confident on dates.

“I’d never been on dates before, it’s hard to walk in when you don’t know what people expect.”

Confidence boost

But he says the show has given him “so much more confidence”, compared to before.

“The first few dates I was like a mute, I couldn’t speak. But now I’m all right,” he says.

“I literally sometimes feel like I’m in a therapy session when I leave [new dating expert] Paul. I’m like, yeah, I really learnt so much about myself. Then I go on the next date and I’m like, it’s all gone!”

Going into mixers has made him more confident, too, as it forced him to chat to strangers.

“When I first walked in there I was shitting myself, but now I literally go out clubbing and start talking to people.”

First dating experience

Vas reveals that he had never been on a date before Celebs Go Dating.

“I just wasn’t really ready in my own self to go on dates and stuff. But now I am,” he explains.

He describes his first date on the show, a dinner date, as “really good” and “pretty boring” in the same sentence.

Vas has been criticised for not putting enough effort into his dates, which he acknowledges.

“I was not being present,” he explains.

“When I first walk into situations, if I’m not immediately physically attracted to someone then I switch off, which is really bad, obviously,” he says. “But I’m working on it with the agency.”

Celebs Go Dating is “more real” than TOWIE

For dates that haven’t gone well, Vas says the producers do not help out – unlike in TOWIE.

“On TOWIE if you’re on a scene and it’s stalling and it’s a bit weird, you can seek help a little bit from producers. But this is so opposite – you’re literally just alone on these dates.

“If it’s stalling then it just stalls, you can’t look at the producers. They don’t respond. And then you don’t want to be rude and be like ‘I’m not feeling this’, so you’ve got to sit out these sometimes uncomfortable dates with no help.

“It’s like being on an actual real date. You don’t even realise anyone else is in the room other than the date, so it’s so scary.”

Why TOWIE is a relationship curse

If Vas found The One on Celebs Go Dating, would he bring him on TOWIE? He’s not so sure.

“I don’t know. I think TOWIE is not very good luck for a relationship. It always seems to go wrong when you go on there, for everyone.

“I’d probably keep them away from Essex.”

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