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Love Island star Adam Collard on getting that bikini body

Love Island star Adam Collard on getting that bikini body

By Claire Muffett-Reece

Adam, what’s the best way to lose weight if you need to shed a few pounds?

‘You will lose weight and fat if you burn more calories on a daily basis than you consume. Anyone can do this if they increase their output (and by this I mean train more) and decrease the amount of calories they are eating and drinking. It’s simple logic: start moving more and eliminate a few high calorie items of food per day. Check the scales and if it’s going down you’re on the correct path!’

Should you eat three main meals – or do you think little and often is better?

‘For 95% of people this doesn’t matter at all. I recommend you spread your meals out how you like, and have as many as you feel, which will help you stick to your diet. If you have 1,500 calories per day then why not have three 400 calorie meals and two 150 calorie snacks to split your food intake? This is just an example – as long as you stick to the right amount of calories then you should see results.’

What should you be doing at the gym?

‘At the gym use weight/resistance training, as the more lean muscle you build or tone then the more calories your body will burn at resting state. Gain more muscle and you’ll essentially burn more calories when you watch the tv than you would have done before! Try a resistance training programme, circuit training with weights, or HIIT – high intensity interval training that can be done with or without equipment.’

How do you best train your legs?

‘This is very similar to your glutes/bum, and for that the best exercises in the gym would be weighted squats, weighted deadlifts, weighted lunges, leg press, leg extensions and leg curls. At home, it’s pretty much exactly the same: squats, deadlifts, lunges and glute bridges. Try throwing some jumping stuff in like jump squats and jump lunges, too.’

And what if you want to tone your arms?

‘Arms are again like any other muscle. You need to progressively overload them with more reps, weights or sets week by week. However, hit them from different angles, choosing a variation of different exercises to strengthen your full upper body. Remember you have your chest, back, shoulders, bis and tris to cover! At home try tricep dips on a chair, sofa or bench and do push up variations to get creative. In the gym, it could be endless. Tricep rope extensions, tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, tricep bench dips, push ups, inverted TRX rows – there’s bloody loads!’

Finally, what do you say to people who think they’ve ruined their hard work with one food blow-out?

‘Don’t beat yourself up – everyone has a bad day with their diet, but the important thing is to move on. Just make sure the next thing you consume supports your goals, and that it doesn’t turn into a spiral of one week’s bad nutrition.’

Adam has a seven-day free trial for his online women training academy – visit https://adamcollardfitness.com/female/ to find out more.

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