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Hollywood’s smile secret revealed

Want celebrity pearly whites but can’t afford the A-list treatments they use to achieve them? These top tips from Dr Krystyna are just as effective. Get set to say cheese with confidence…

1. Consultation
“First things first – go see a dentist! Depending on what you want to achieve, be it cosmetic or health, always seek advice from the professionals. Leave enough time for the dentist to tailor an appropriate bespoke treatment plan to you, so it’s not a last minute rush.”

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2. Cleaning
“Everyone knows the importance of cleaning your teeth twice a day, and if you want your teeth to be A-list worthy then you need to make sure you invest in a good electronic toothbrush. Always finish with mouthwash and remember to floss and brush your tongue. If you want instant results then book into see a hygienist to freshen the mouth and also advise you on long-term home care.”

3. Whiten
“For a sparkling smile do not leave whitening your teeth until the last minute. This procedure needs careful planning and time to achieve desired results, so it is important not to try and cram it in. It takes approximately two weeks to lighten your teeth and the procedure can make the teeth a little sensitive, therefore it is not wise to try and attempt this the night before a special event! Please seek professional advice on how to have teeth bleached with at-home bleaching kits or in-house treatments. White teeth make you look and feel better, so it’s always a great way to enhance your smile and overall look.”

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4. Stay fresh
“The quickest way to ruin a date before it’s even began is to put someone off with bad breath, so make sure your mouth is as clean as possible and to avoid smoking and eating garlicky foods. Keep a herbal breath freshener in your bag too, to maintain freshness while on your date.”

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5. Straighten
“Many people these days wish for that sexy Hollywood smile. Straight teeth can be achieved with several different orthodontic methods – for example a six-month smile or Invisalign (invisible braces). If you wish to alleviate any crooked teeth or produce a more uniform smile, seek advice from your local dentist. Be aware teeth straightening can take over a year to achieve, so ensure you have enough time before a big occasion or red carpet event.”

Celebrity Secrets Loves…

Try these three fabulous teeth musts and you’ll be a step closer to achieving pearly whites in to time…

CB12 White Mouthwash, £15

This effective mouthwash creates a protective shield that prevents new stains developing, as well as lifting stains and providing pleasant breath for up to 12 hours.

Natural Teeth Whitening Co Activated Charcoal Powder, £10.99

Vegan friendly mand anti-inflammatory, this powder sees visible results in just one week. Bentonite clay aids the charcoal’s work, absorbing heavy metals and delivering essential minerals, while peppermint fights bacteria and adds freshness.

Hydrosonic Black is White Toothbrush, £199

Developed by the founder of the first Swiss School for Dental Hygiene, the extra-small head and rubber back provides an all-round clean by targeting all areas on your teeth, gums and tongue. In addition, the specially designed brush head uses a hydrodynamic effect to deep clean areas that most sonic toothbrushes miss.

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