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Ban the breakouts – celebrity-style!

Overindulging, the changing weather conditions and soaring central heating play havoc with your complexion. Suffering from untimely annoying breakouts after the Easter weekend? Here are four top tips on how to prevent or manage a zit disaster so that it won’t ruin your 2018 selfies…

Ditch the alcohol (in your skincare)

It may be time to enjoy a glass of the good stuff again, however, it’s the alcohol in your skincare you need to keep an eye on – as well as the units you’re drinking! Alcohol is a stringent ingredient used in many skincare products, which tightens the skin as it strips away your natural oils.

If you are suffering from a spot, the last thing you want is to add any ingredients to aggravate it any more. Instead look for a moisturising and calming skin remedy that contains essential oils, as these contain vitamins and antioxidants that will heal any distressed areas of the skin.

“For a more even complexion go for inflammatory properties in your skincare such as a combination of essential oils like tea tree, aloe vera and myrrh,” says nutritionist Cassandra Barns. Try What Skin Needs Soothing Skin Gel (£9.99), a light textured moisturiser which contains soothing essential oils to help calm down any irritated acne prone skin.

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Figure out where they crop up

If you find you repeatedly get spots on certain areas of your face, your skin may be telling you something. Some people only suffer spots on their chin or forehead, for example.

Generally any breakouts on the forehead indicate it’s your diet, and from consuming too much sugar or fat. If it’s your chin that finds a crop of zits this is most likely through stress and hormones.

Once you can identify where you frequently get your breakouts this will help you resolve what areas in your lifestyle need adapting for better skin.

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Swap your latte for a juice

Hot chocolates and lattes may be tempting when it’s cold, but they’re laced with huge amounts of sugar, which is a real turn off for your skin. This is because when your body digests sugar this causes glycation, which attacks your collagen’s structure and worsens acne.

To keep spots at bay look for plenty of skin-loving antioxidants in your drinks such as blueberries, spinach and grapefruit – or pop a spoonful of Nature’s Plus Ultra Green Juice Powder (£29.25, naturesplus.co.uk) in your juice, smoothie or water to help your skin replenish from the inside.

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Keep make-up brushes clean

Many women that wear make-up on a daily basis neglect washing their make-up brushes after they use them. Although some may find it a hassle, make-up brushes that brush against your skin’s surface harbor bacteria from your natural oils and dirt.

If you repeatedly use these brushes over and over without cleaning them they will spread this bacteria over and over causing your skin to break out.

To clean brushes simply pump a small amount of gentle anti-bacterial hand wash on your finger. Janjira’s natural Thai Lime & Ginger Hand Wash (£12, janjira.co.uk) is an excellent anti-bacterial soap gel with a gorgeous zesty scent. Rinse your brush under warm water and then swirl in the soap on your finger and you should see the excess make-up eventually fall away from the bristles.

Rinse your brush and hands again under warm water and dry on a clean towel, make-up wipe or toilet paper.

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