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James Lock says relationship with Yazmin Oukhellou is ‘not toxic’ and hints marriage is on the cards

With The Only Way Is Essex making an explosive return to our screens, we caught up with James Lock (aka Lockie) to find about if he regrets fighting with Dan Edgar and why his relationship with Yazmin isn’t toxic.

What can we expect from this series of TOWIE?
‘There’s quite a bit of drama at the minute. There’s always a lot of drama in TOWIE. In this series there’s a lot of people that come back, there’s a lot of new people, and there’s a lot of tension.’

Speaking of tension, this week you were spotted having a big row with Dan Edgar. What were you arguing about?
‘I can’t go into too much detail. But, you know something, arguments always seem like a big deal at the time and then now looking back on it, it wasn’t really worth the aggravation. I don’t think I can say too much because it’s in this week’s episode.’

While there has already been a lot of drama on the show, there was also a group holiday. How was Sardinia?
‘I was pleasantly surprised. I actually enjoyed it more than going to the usual Marbella. It was more of a relaxing, couples’ sort of trip. Obviously we still went out, we still had nice meals and a good drink and that, but it wasn’t too much. When we go Marbella it’s all a bit crazy.’

We can imagine! And how are things going with you and Yazmin?
‘Me and Yaz are good. Like any couple we have ups and downs. You wouldn’t be a normal couple if you didn’t.’

On Sunday’s episode, Yazmin’s parents said you and Yazmin could rush into marriage and they were worried because you have such a rocky relationship. Do you think marriage is on the cards?
‘Everything has got to be at the right time for the couple. As much as our parents are a big part of our lives, it depends on us. And if we’re at a point where we want to get married, regardless of what anyone has to say, we’re going to do it.’

Do you think you’re moving too fast?
‘No, I don’t think I am. I think every couple goes at its own pace. Our pace might not necessarily be the pace that other people might agree with, but it’s down to us. As much as we appreciate other people’s opinions, it’s our lives and we’ve got to do what makes us happy. I’m sure if we did tie the knot soon our parents would be very much behind us.’

 Could you see why her parents may have concerns?
‘Of course! Sometimes me and Yazmin are very passionate people and we do go hot and cold. But that fiery and passionate relationship works for us. I know people look in and they’ve used the word toxic, but it’s not toxic at all. People sometimes have a misconception and they don’t really understand it and because they don’t understand it they judge it. We spend every day together, me and Yazmin, and we’ve been like that for the last two years. So we’re obviously doing something right, ‘cos most couples can’t bear to be around each other, can they?’

And what would you say to viewers who brand your relationship as ‘toxic’? 
‘You’ve got to remember that as much as it’s a reality TV show, it’s still a TV show. Some people don’t always get me when they first meet me. It takes a little while of knowing me before you can fully understand me. And that’s the same with mine and Yaz’s relationship – you need to know us as people. You only see what you see on an hour-long episode every week. So you don’t really know us. You can’t really judge someone unless you truly know them.’

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