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Holly Willoughby talks beauty hacks, fashion advice and being a woman

We caught up with This Morning presenter and Diet Coke ambassador Holly to talk women, work and what to wear…

What do you think of the new Diet Coke flavours?
‘Exotic Mango definitely makes me want to be on a beach in the sun, but my favourite is Feisty Cherry. I’m the girl that always has cherry-flavoured items like lip balm, so I knew Feisty Cherry was going to be the winner for me.’

Are you a feisty girl at heart?
‘Yes, I think so! It’s fairly hidden beneath, but when it needs to come out, it’s definitely there. You probably see that side of me when we shoot Dancing On Ice, when Jason Gardiner is being harsh on one of our celebrity skaters. He gets a bit of my feisty side for sure!’

Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce as her feisty alter-ego. What name would you give to yours?
‘I would love to give it a name, but I don’t think my feisty side is big enough to have one! I think there is a way of being feisty, without being angry or fierce – I like to think I’m a mix of feisty and charming!’

We’re already halfway through 2018, which has been named ‘the year of the woman’. What does being a woman mean to you?
‘Being a woman is about so many things, including friendship, sisterhood, being a mother and a wife. But, I think it’s important to enjoy those things on your terms, rather than anyone else’s.’

You inspire a lot of women, but who inspires you and why?
‘It’s the people that are part of my life on a daily basis that inspire me the most. I have some amazing friends who make me want to be a better friend, and I have an amazing mum, who makes me want to be a better mum!’

And are there any celebrity women you would love to work with?
‘We had Dame Hellen Mirren on This Morning and I’m not sure how we would work together, but I’d definitely love to hang out with her! I’d also love to work with Joanna Lumley.’

Let’s talk fashion and beauty. Do you think your style has become more daring over the past year?
‘I have definitely learnt to experiment with fashion, in terms of shapes, colours and textures. I used to be a lot safer, because I knew what I liked and was comfortable in certain shapes and styles, but actually once you start to experiment, and see yourself in different styles, then it opens up different options.’

What’s your top piece of fashion advice?
‘It’s really about dressing for your body and trying different shapes and styles. I think we’ve all been guilty of staying with the same style because we know it suits us, but it’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone.’

What is your go-to outfit you know always works?
‘At home, I’m 100% a jeans, jumper and trainers kind of girl. I just love to be comfy!’

Do you have any beauty hacks?
‘I swear by heating up my eyelash curlers with a hairdryer first, because it makes your eyelash curl stay longer.’

How do you relax and switch off with such a busy life?
‘By enjoying a relaxing bath, with essential oils and something great to listen to, like Desert Island Discs for about 45 minutes. It’s my me-time.’

What is top of your bucket list?
‘To take my kids away on safari.’

And finally, would be your dream co-host – apart from Philip, of course?
‘Having seen Joanna Lumley host the BAFTAs, if she wants to get into daytime TV presenting, she can come and share my sofa anytime. She was amazing!’

To celebrate the launch of Diet Coke’s new campaign, Because I Can, which will see the brand encourage consumers live life unapologetically, and two new flavours, Exotic Mango and Feisty Cherry, Diet Coke has released a series of stunning images featuring brand ambassador Holly Willoughby bringing the new flavours to life.

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