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Leanne Brown on Dawn Ward, boxing and avoiding fad diets

We caught up with the former Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Leanne Brown who lifts the lid on her relationship with Dawn Ward after leaving the show, as well as revealing how she maintains that gorgeous bod

Why zero sugar/zero carb wine?
‘The clue is in the name! It’s because it’s zero sugar, zero carbs and there’s absolutely no compromise on taste. It’s a way of being able to let your hair down, enjoy a glass of premium wine without feeling any guilt about it.’

Do you think it’s something that could take off as a bit of a trend?
‘Oh absolutely! People are going to love this, and not only because it has zero sugar and zero carbs, but it genuinely tastes amazing. There’s a type of wine for everyone as well – a red, white, sparkling pink and sparkling white which is my personal favourite! It’s made using the same grapes as champagne but has a delicate and slightly dry flavour.’

What’s important about the message of the Zero F*cks Campaign?
‘It’s about empowering women to be themselves and be confident in their own skin. It means not feeling guilty about treating yourself, because you absolutely deserve to! It’s about not sweating the small stuff and just being comfortable with being different, which I think is a really important message.’

Why did you decide to leave Real Housewives of Cheshire?
‘When I started the show it was new and exciting, but when it was no longer a fun experience due to various situations going on, I just wasn’t in a good place. Everyone could see the change in me and I didn’t want my family to suffer, so I knew it was time for me to leave – and I’m so glad I did. Now I can concentrate on the people that really matter in my life.’

What’s your relationship like with Dawn Ward now?
‘There isn’t a relationship between us anymore.’

We’ve seen you’re a keen boxer, what is it about the sport that you most enjoy?
‘For me it’s purely about the training and fitness. I did a lot of boxing at a recent fitness retreat I went on, and I also do boxing with my personal trainer. It’s really tough but it gets your whole body working and is so rewarding.’

What other exercise do you do to stay in shape?
‘I also do barre core for toning and I absolutely love a HIIT class.’

How do you keep your marriage going strong?
‘When Wes was in Sunderland for five years it was tough being apart for that amount of time. We only got to see each other for a few hours at a time and I’ve realised that we are better together. He’s such an amazing dad, he’s so hands on and misses the kids so much when he’s away, but when he is home we just make the most of every single second together. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and it’s absolutely the case for us!’

Do you have any food/nutritional tips for mums trying to stay in shape?
‘My biggest advice is to avoid fad diets because you always end up putting more weight on at the end of it. You need to change your lifestyle rather than completely restricting yourself.

It’s so important as a busy mum not to put pressure on yourself. The more I tell myself I can’t have something, or that I have to cut it out completely, the more I want it, and that leads to binge eating. We all know the basics of eating healthy, so try and get your fridge stocked up with healthy snacks so you don’t binge on crap. And don’t feel guilty about indulging in moderation!’

What do you eat in a day? What’s your typical food routine?
‘I recently went on a fitness retreat which has inspired me to try and follow more of a plant based diet. I’m eating a lot more fruit than I used to which help satisfy my sweet cravings. I’ll usually start the day with a fruit and plant milk smoothie, and then keep the cupboards stocked with few different things to snack on during the day like nuts and dried fruit which are surprisingly filling. I’m really enjoying having jacket potato or sweet potato for lunch as I’ve just learnt how to make a delicious lentil chilli. In the evening I’ll make a veggie Thai curry. If I want a treat, my favourite meal is bacon sandwich!’

Do you have any exciting plans in the near future?
‘Absolutely, there is lots going on at the moment! I’ve just started a YouTube channel where I’ll be vlogging events, fashion, makeup and family life. I’d also like to use my channel to chat about things kids face growing up, particularly because I have a daughter I think it’s important people talk about those sort of things.

On the charity side of things, I’m planning a Great Wall of China walk to raise awareness and money for One Woman at a Time. There will be up to twenty of us on the ten day trip and we’ll be walking part of the wall each day. I’m really looking forward to it and hope to be able to raise a lot of money for the charity.’

What’s one thing you could tell Celebrity Secrets that not many people know about you?
‘This is a funny one! My brother cut my pigtail off when I was three years old and hid it behind the sofa, only for my mum to find it the next day when she was hoovering. When she found out what had happened she cut the other pigtail off which made it a million times worse, and then told everyone my brother had actually cut that side off!’

What’s your favourite…

Chocolate bar? I’d have to say a Twirl, but I also really like the Green and Black’s Peppermint chocolate.

Film? Pretty Woman!

Band? Beyonce is my favourite.

Beauty product? Because I use it every day, I think I’ll have to say the Laura Mercia tinted moisturiser. It gives you a really nice glow and is really easy to put on quickly in the morning.

Meal? I absolutely love miso aubergine. I could eat it all day.

Guilty pleasure? It would have to be a glass of wine, although I don’t have to feel guilty when I drink Slim Wine.

Leanne is part of the Zero Squad, for Slim Wine’s new ‘Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs, Zero F*cks’ campaign, encouraging women to abandon pointless everyday guilt and embrace life’s pleasures without compromising. Find out more at slimlinewine.com

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