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Online exclusive: Olivia Attwood on Love Island, shaping up for summer and wine

As the new series of Love Island begins on Monday evening, we caught up with one of our favourite contestants from last year’s show, Olivia Attwood, who exclusively shares her secrets on diet, holidays and getting that bikini body

Are you more of a summer or a winter girl?
‘I am 100% a summer girl, as I’m the coldest person that ever lived! Even on sunny days in England, when it gets to 25 degrees and everyone else strips off, I’ll still be wearing jeans. For that reason, spending last summer on Love Island was the absolute dream – it was always so lovely and warm!’

What’s your favourite summer tipple?
‘That depends on the occasion. You can’t beat a chilled glass of Rosé in the summer, but Pinot Grigio is typically my go-to drink – whether I’m chilling in the sunshine or enjoying a night out with the girls. My current fave is the i heart Pinot Grigio from i heart WinesIf I fancy a cocktail, I tend to go for something light and refreshing, like an Aperol Spritz. I make it with Aperol, soda, i heart Prosecco and lots of ice.’

What’s your idea of the perfect holiday?
‘For me, the ideal holiday is a beach getaway, somewhere nice and sunny, while the holiday from hell would be a road trip with lots of driving and trips to historical sites. That’s my absolute worst nightmare!’

Do you prefer a girly getaway or a romantic retreat?
‘When it comes to holidays, I definitely prefer a girly getaway to a romantic retreat. I’m going back to Vegas with the girls this summer and I can’t wait – I’ve been every year since I was 21. I’m also hoping to try and fit in a trip to Ibiza, too.’

Would you ever go camping?
‘I wouldn’t say camping is high on the list, but I would try it for a couple of nights. I go to V-Festival every year, but just for the day. We don’t camp!’

Love Island was filmed in Mallorca. Could you ever go back to the Island for another holiday?
‘Love Island was filmed in Mallorca, but we didn’t see much of the Island outside of the villa. We could have been anywhere in the world, so I don’t associate Mallorca with the show.’

Would you ever return to the Love Island villa?
‘I would 100% return to the Love Island villa if I was invited back. Maybe next time!’

Do you have any advice for this year’s Love Island contestants?
‘It sounds a bit cliché but I would just encourage them to be themselves. When you go into a strange environment it’s easy to end up acting in a way you don’t recognise, particularly when you can’t speak to your friends and family. But most importantly, I’d remind them to enjoy it and make the most of every moment. It’s a scary and stressful experience, particularly at the beginning, but before you even have time to blink it will all be over!’

How do you prep for summer?
‘I’d much rather hit the gym than go for a run, so to get ready for summer I make sure I go the gym and get loads of squats done. Squats are the secret! Also, because I don’t like hitting the beach with pale skin, I try to build up a base tan in the garden and often get a spray tan before heading off somewhere sunny.’

Do you follow a set diet?
‘Prosecco and white wine are always on my shopping list – especially Pinot Grigio! I’m also obsessed with drinking water, so my fridge is always stocked up with plenty of bottles of Evian, as well as lots of healthy staples like eggs, smoothies, spinach, smoked salmon, bagels and avocados. I tend to end up eating breakfast foods at all hours of the day – even for dinner.’

Would you rather give up chocolate or give up wine?
‘That’s a no brainer. I’d much rather give up chocolate than wine! I’m more of a sweets fan than a chocoholic anyway, and I always choose a starter over a dessert.’

What foods would you take to a desert island?
‘A kebab, avocados, pic ‘n’ mix and Pinot Grigio, of course!’

Do you have a favourite go-to meal?
‘I make a mean roast dinner and I have an amazing recipe for fish cakes, which I make from scratch. The fish cakes are my go-to dish for when I have mates over for dinner.’

Olivia Attwood is brand ambassador for i heart Wines

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