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Exclusive Interview: Katie Piper

The author, presenter and charity campaigner talks exclusively to Celebrity Secrets about why she’s down on diets this January

By Claire Muffett-Reece

January is seen as the go-to month to lose a few inches or hit the gym. Did you relax in terms of your food and exercise over Christmas and the New Year – and are you now being extra-healthy as a result?

‘Not really, as I like to be consistent with my diet and exercise and believe in balance. I love exercising for my mental health as much as my physical. I also love my food, and don’t believe in cutting out certain food groups at all. Nothing should be demonised or forbidden when it comes to what you eat, which I think is more of a healthier relationship overall.’

Is that how you best define healthy eating?

‘Definitely. If you deprive yourself of certain foods it only works for a few days before you binge. For me it’s about having a bit of what you want, practicing a certain amount of control, and being aware of labels and packaging and what goes into stuff. And remember to love your carbs! Carbs are really good for you, especially if you’re physically active. Watch those processed and refined sugars, though!’

Image credit: Charlie Sawyer

January is also the month when many men and women go on crash diets. What crash diets have you tried in the past and what was their result?

‘I’ve been guilty in the past of trying diets but they never work. Instead I feel they actually feed into your insecurities! If on Monday to Friday you’re trying to be mindful and balanced, then it’s fine to have a treat at the weekend. Crash diets lead to disappointment, which in turn de-motivates you.’

Let’s talk about social media. Why don’t you post photos of your daughters’ faces on your Instagram?

‘I think it’s just a parental choice. I don’t have an opinion of people that do choose to post their kids’ faces, though! Parents all make different choices and that’s okay.’

So how do you want your daughters to grow up in terms of their attitude to confidence and self-love?

‘I want them to find their own way in the world. Freedom to express themselves is really important to me. I also want them to be happy and healthy!’


Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People podcast is available on acast.com. Confidence: The Journal by Katie Piper is available from all good book shops.


Read Katie’s full interview in the New Year’s Resolutions issue of Celebrity Secrets, out in OK! mag bumper packs from 7th January 2020.



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