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Love Island star Alexandra Cane on happiness, hair and health

Love Island star Alexandra Cane on happiness, hair and health

By Claire Muffett-Reece

Before finding fame on Love Island you dropped from a size 12 to a six. How did you achieve that?

‘I hired a personal trainer and trained three times a week. I’d go to the gym on the days I didn’t see my trainer – sometimes twice a day if I had time. I was incredibly strict with my diet, cutting out sugar and eating chicken, fish and veg. I’m definitely not as strict now, but I know my body well enough to realise if I need to watch what I’m eating.’

What caused you to put the weight on in the first place?

‘I was a dancer and got injured. I actually had a torn meniscus, which is a torn cartilage, in my right knee. I had to have keyhole surgery and I did not have the physio afterwards that I should have had. I tried training straight away and couldn’t do it, so I had to stop dancing. When I was dancing, I would eat pretty much what I wanted, including McDonalds, crisps and chocolate. After I stopped dancing, I wasn’t getting the same amount of exercise, but I kept eating the same amount of food!’

What happened next?

‘I got stuck in a rut, plus the jobs I had determined what I’d eat. One job was in a bar and I would eat their food which was rich, heavy, fried and fatty. I put on a lot more weight, then I went on holiday and saw some pictures of myself, which is when I realised it was time to change.’

Was losing that many dress sizes realistic?

‘I think it is possible. I certainly wasn’t on a crash diet, I just ate incredibly well. But I will say that it probably wasn’t enjoyable – if you’re really on a mission you just can’t eat the treats! The secret is to have the knowledge about what you are consuming. Alcohol is the worst thing for weight gain. Cooking your own food from scratch is great, but quite simply if you want to lose weight you need to eat less calories than you are burning.’

What size are you now?

‘I’m a size eight, sometimes a 10 on the bottom, and I’m very happy with that. It’s not just about my body and weight – confidence comes from feeling good. My hair is something that makes me feel extra confident – I’ve had Racoon extensions since I was 14 and I would not be without them.’

Do you have any fitness tips for our readers you’d like to share?

‘I particularly like focussing on my lower body – so squats, lunges and loop bridges. However, to see a difference you have to use weights. Buy some small weights to use at home, and then get on YouTube and start looking at the free workout routines. I follow loads of fitness girls online and their content is free and great to do at home. I highly recommend it.’

Social media is an essential part of your career. You said in a recent campaign you won’t appear photoshopped – why is this?

‘That was with Protein World and I specifically said I would not be retouched. I believe that a real relatable girl is a great representation for a brand. I don’t think my body should be retouched so it’s completely unrealistic – I am healthy and happy, and I want women to relate to that. I am someone who looks after their body and I truly believe we need to accept ourselves for who we are.’

What would you say to readers that look at photoshopped images of celebrities with incredible figures on social media and feel inadequate?

‘Accept who you are and be the best you can be.’

You mentioned you wear Racoon hair extensions. What kind of extensions do you choose to wear and why?

‘I wear Racoon’s International Luxe Link. They’re the most discreet extensions I have ever known. They don’t use glue or heat – it’s a micro ring system that is trichology approved and a full head can be applied in just 90 minutes. I love them!’


Alexandra is the ambassador for Racoon hair extensions – visit racooninternational.com for more info.

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