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Exclusive Interview: PETER ANDRE

Celebrity Secrets sat down with the singer and presenter, 45, to talk touring, food, family and fitness…

By Claire Muffett-Reece

Peter, we can’t believe you’ve been in the music industry for over 25 years! We still remember dancing to Mysterious Girl in the mid Nineties… How does it feel to have been in the business for so long?

“It really is a privilege to have been doing what I love for so long. I’ve got the most amazing fans who have bought my records over the years and supported me in everything I do in my career.”

What’s changed most during your career?

“I’m not going to lie – the music industry has changed a lot. When I first started I was releasing vinyl and cassettes and performing on the biggest TV music shows. Then CDs followed and of course now a lot of music is streamed online, plus all the music shows have disappeared. Now of course you also have social media which can be a great thing… sometimes!”

You’re about to start a UK tour which starts on February 11th – tell us a bit more about it…

“It’s the Celebrating 25 Years tour where I’m performing at venues around the country. Twenty-five years ago I opened for Madonna in Australia for her stadium tour – I’m so lucky people still want to see me! It’s going to be a great show and I’m looking forward to seeing everybody having a good time! You should come along!”

Being on tour must mean you’ve got to be at your fittest. Have you stuck to any New Year’s resolutions?

“I do need to be fit for the tour, but it’s more so because I’m older and still need to be able to do some of the same moves I was doing when I was 20! I eat pretty much what I want but I do train hard. I feel in the best shape of my life right now!” 

People all over the UK are currently trying to cut back and lose weight. What works for you?

“I do eat quite healthily but if I want something naughty then I’ll have it, but it’s because I’m consistent in the gym. It’s all about moderation. You can’t sit and eat a takeaway every day, not do any exercise and then expect to stay the same shape.”

We can tell from your social media you’re a proper foodie. What do you love cooking for Emily and the kids – and do they always like it?

“We cook a lot of Mediterranean food and we like to make sure the kids eat healthily. There’s not much that they don’t like if I’m honest! We also make sure we exercise as a family, going for a lot of walks around where we live. The kids have bikes, too, and it’s great to see them out getting a bit of fresh air and exercise.” 

What was it like maintaining those abs back in the Nineties?

“I was very strict back in the day. I watched everything I ate and trained extra hard. The problem is it’s just not sustainable. You might look like you want to look but it makes you feel crap after a while. I think if you can be consistent with exercise, be it walking, running or whatever you choose, then I believe you can relax on the food front a little.”

We LOVE following you on Instagram, as it shows how you don’t take life too seriously. How important is it to teach Junior, Princess, Millie and Theo about social media when they reach an impressionable age?

“Junior is 13 now and has his own Instagram account, which is just for him and his friends. It’s set to private and obviously he’s very aware of stuff that goes online. Princess only has an iPod, but I’m very strict about social media with her. She doesn’t like it but it’s all part of being a parent isn’t it, as it’s up to us to protect our children. Millie and Theo obviously are too young to even know about it all – and we plan to keep it that way.” 

Moving back to 2019, what else is happening for the Andre clan?

“My calendar is out to see you through 2019 if you haven’t picked one up already! I’ve also got my new bed range A by Andre on sale (www.abyandre.com). Obviously I have the Celebrating 25 Years tour and I’m also going to be in Grease the Musical throughout the summer and autumn. It’s going to be a busy one for me.”

So what are you most looking forward to for the rest of 2019?

“I know this sounds corny but I’m looking really looking forward to spending more time with my family and enjoying where I am in my career!”


To see Peter on his Celebrating 25 Years tour go to www.ticketmaster.co.uk or www.peterandre.com

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