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The most bankable female Love Island stars

Did you know that the average female Love Island finalist can charge £19,250 per sponsored Instagram post?

And you don’t have to win Love Island to be the most financially successful.

This research was uncovered by thinkmoney who have highlighted which female Love Island stars are the most profitable.

For example, series five star Molly-Mae Hague is Love Island’s most bankable female star on Instagram, despite not even winning the show.

Boasting 3.8 million Instagram followers, she can charge £28,500 per paid Instagram post. That’s £6,750 more than the winner of her series, Amber Gill!

Dani Dyer of series four is the most successful Love Island winner, and is able to charge £24,750 per paid Instagram. This is £21,990 more than the S1 winner Jessica Hayes is able to charge, at £2,760.


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The stand-out bankable stars from the latest Love Island series six, is the winner Paige Turley at £12,000 per Instagram post, and runner-up Siânnise Fudge who can charge £11,250 per sponsored Instagram post.

Olivia Bowen of S2 posts the most sponsored Instagram posts – in February she posted 21 despite it being a 28-day month, earning her an estimated £346,500. Again, she finished second in the show, highlighting that you don’t need to win Love Island to become the most profitable.

Love Islands Most Bankable Females
Celebrity Instagram Followers* Estimated Earnings Per IG Post
1. Molly-Mae Hague (S5) 3.8 million £28,500
2. Dani Dyer (S4) 3.4 million £24,750
3. Amber Gill (S5) 2.9 million £21,750
4. Olivia Bowen (S2) 2.2 million £16,500
5/6. Paige Turley (S6) 1.6 million £12,000
5/6. Amber Davies(S3) 1.6 million £12,000

*Number of followers is correct as of March 2020.

Based on the above table, the average female Love Island finalist can charge, £19,250 per sponsored post.

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